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I am not and never worked as an employee of Oracle, anything I expressed, share here represent personal conjecture based upon experience, practice and observation.

Driven by a desire to excel by providing cost-effective and quality solutions, I was involved with many Oracle application implementation and service projects and this blog is my endeavor to re-arrange the information on my professional experience with Oracle apps ,other Oracle technology.

This is my personal website, maintained by myself (at present), during my non-office hours and mainly over the weekend. It's an educational, non-profitable but self-sustainable website that contains information and resources related with my own work and experience with Oracle application.

It's a part of a desperate attempt to conserve my few drops that I could manage out of the sea of available knowledge and a few special ones from my own innovations.

The opinions expressed here represent solely my own and does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my current & previous employers and their clients.

Oracle Application is product of Oracle. You should consult with oracle Directly on specific facts and  situations.

Oracleappshub.com©  is purly for knowledge sharing and learning purpose, focus on Oracle Application Product and other Oracle Technology