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What is Oracle Applications Manager (OAM)?

Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) is a sophisticated (aka web-based EBS management) tool that supports managing and monitoring of an Oracle Applications system from an HTML based central control console.

With Oracle Applications Manager, system administrators can view information on general system activity including the statuses of the database, concurrent managers and other services, concurrent requests, and Oracle Workflow processes.

OAM provides a summary of configuration changes, infrastructure usage, performance, required maintenance activities, potential security issues, status of business flows, and diagnostic test results. In addition, they can manage downtime and patching. System administrators can also start or stop services, and submit concurrent requests.

OAM utilities are generally available from two main screens: the Applications Dashboard and Site Map.

Among other tasks, Oracle Applications Manager can help you to:

OAM is built into Oracle Applications and complements the features of Oracle Enterprise Manager and mostly used by DBA's or system admin.

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