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Six things to know about Oracle WorkFlow

Is AME a subcomponent of WF engine?

No. Oracle Approvals Management (AME) is to define approval rules that determine the approval processes for Oracle applications. The Workflow module uses this information for sending notification to the approvers based on the rules defined in AME

Will Oracle provide a Migration Tool from ebiz workflow to BPEL?

BPEL does everything that Workflow can do, but there is no migration tool to take a workflow process and convert to a BPEL process, like oil and water, so BPEL processes have to be built from scratch

In the future, is BPEL going to replace Oracle Workflow with in E-Business Suite?

No, Workflow will not be replaced by BPEL inside E-Business Suite. BPEL is used in Fusion Applications for business process orchestration and integration needs

Can we use Oracle Workflow Builder component alone with other Java Applications?

No, Oracle Workflow Builder is the development tool that is designated to work only with Oracle Workflow

Is it possbile to have Workflow Manager running on separate node?

No, Workflow Manager can only run from the concurrent tier, as it is a component of Oracle Applications Manger which runs on the concurrent tier in Oracle Applications. For more information, please refer to the Oracle Applications Manager online help.

Standalone Oracle Workflow uses Workflow Manager as a component tool of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Why do some workflows need workflow background processes and some don't?

Depending on the design as some item types need to execute functions which have higher cost so these functions should be deferred and execute later.

This will be happen by the workflow background process. Also if the design has an activity, which is relative to time and the time, has passed the activity is now marked as NOTIFIED by the Workflow Engine, this requires the workflow background process to execute it. Also if the design has a stuck process, which has a status of ACTIVE, but cannot progress any further