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 Oracle Fusion Applications (OFA) is a portfolio of next generation suite of software applications from Oracle Corporation. It is distributed across various product families; including financial management, human capital management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, procurement, governance, and project portfolio management
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Oracle Pre-built UPK Content for EBS Financials

Posted on October 5th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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dgreybarrow-2 UPK Pre-built Content

You can take advantage of UPK pre-built content for pre-“go-live” and “post go-live” support training need. Pre Built Content are created by the Applications Development Documentation teams and documenting best practices for system processes within the Oracle applications.

  • You can use this tool to educate your project teams, core user, power user, and process owners before installing an instance of the application.
  • You can utilize while rolling out a new application
  • With this tool you can create system process documentation, user acceptance test scripts, training, and support materials without acquiring any extra skill.
  • You can utilize these for your “pre-go-live” training and “post-go-live” support training need.
  • You can fit this anywhere in you development/deployment methodology
  • With Pre-content you can get some help in project scoping and fit/gap.

dgreybarrow-2UPK Content – EBS Modules R12

The UPK prebuilt content for E-Business Suite Tools and Technology release 12 contains system processes imbedded in all E-Business Suite applications. This was initially covered with 15 Modules with more than 745 Topics. Recently few more module added in list.

dgreybarrow-2Finance Track

  • Payables(65)
  • Receivables(53)
  • General Ledger (104)
  • Financials Centralized Solutions Set: Advanced Global Intercompany System, e-Business Tax, Sub ledger Accounting (38)
  • Assets (54)
  • Payment (22)
  • Internet Expenses (14)

dgreybarrow-2HRMS Track

  • Human Resources (102)
  • Payroll (32)
  • Self Service Human Resources (32)
  • Performance Management (20)
  • Time and Labor (38)


  • Purchasing (102)
  • iSupplier Portal(36)
  • iProcurement(33)

dgreybarrow-2Recent Modules added

  • iRecruitment
  • Learning Management
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing Execution System for:
    • Discrete Manufacturing
    • For Process Execution
  • Order Management
  • Process Manufacturing:
    • Product Development
    • Product Execution
  • Shipping Execution
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Work in Process

dgreybarrow-2 UPK Download

UPK can be downloaded from Oracle eDelivery. Applications are listed alphabetically, so scroll down to User Productivity Kit. Then a list of UPK products will be displayed. UPK products include the developer tool and pre-built content.

dgreybarrow-2 Checkout Oracle site for further Documentation

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5 Responses
  1. Noel Cook Says:

    Do these UPK’s cost extra, or are they free to any Oracle User of the module(s) the UPK’s cover?

  2. Sanjit Anand Says:

    My understanding is if you licence copy of UPK developer then you are quilified for Pre-built template usage without any cost. still you need to check with Oracle Sales channel, might have country specfic which should not be a case.

  3. Lionel Olivier Says:

    UPK content is’nt free but does add value.Do you own the UPK app? If so,then perhaps your first step is to check if the content was bundled with the original sale.
    As suggested in the last post, it would be best to contact Oracle.

  4. Pawan Kumar Soni Says:

    Hi Dear,
    This is a good effort but can you please provide upk’s for cash management.


  5. shri Says:

    can you please explain what is meant by

    “user acceptance test scripts ”

    Can these scripts be used for automated testing for example with a testing tool like winrunner.

    Thank you

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