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After ‘GoLive’ what next : A discussion of available tools for ‘Issue Management’

Posted on December 1st, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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ProductWe knows ERP is critical for any company’s operation.Once ERP is live , there are n number of transaction happen every hours ,days depending upon how big is your ERP operation. The identification of tool and setting helpdesk is most important task for management and IT .Any deviation from meeting deadlines may hit your operation , thus it is very important to understand the need and evaluate some of tools to cater the need.

Any ERP is meant for three kind of user community some of them purely subject wise user(Super User) also called process owner , end user(Data entry) who enters the data , never bother what is happen inside and third supporting IT group for assisting both of them to best use of tool as they know the process are alien with product processes. Typical characteristic of tools which is required for handling issue management should must these criteria:

  • Manage work orders from submission to resolution.
  • Create work order tickets and assign to technicians automatically.
  • Know where each ticket is in the resolution process and ensure no ticket slips through the cracks.
  • Improve responsiveness by enabling your customer to submit work orders and obtain status via standard Web browsers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Track and enforce your Help Desk processes.
  • Report and measure the effectiveness of your Help Desk processes.
  • Create and maintain search able knowledge base (frequently asked questions) to allow customers to help themselves.
  • The result is streamlined Help Desk, increased customer satisfaction, meeting SLA’s, and higher productivity and lower cost.
  • Merge geographically or organizationally separate help desks into a single point of control
  • Identify business services affected by incidents and problems to prioritize resources accordingly

Lets evaluate some of Products options for Issue Management tools

1. Open view

This is one of great tool provided by HP , this will monitor system failures and perform a pre-determined set of actions to resolve the problem. The good things is that it will support for problem management process is unparalleled (root cause analysis, trend analysis and performance reporting capabilities are unmatched).

2. Peregrine Service Center

This is yet another tool provide by vendor Peregrine , it is typically a administrative tool that end users and support personnel use to manage help desk trouble tickets.

3.CA Unicenter Service Plus Service Desk

This is another tool provided by vendor CA, have been observed if the user base is big and operated into different geography, this is one of great product to cater all the need.These are highly scalable across complex IT environments.

4.Microsoft Excel based application

This is typically some sort of excel spreadsheet normally kept on a LAN with columns for SIR, priority, assigned to, status, and resolution.

This good for such kind of this is Simple to create. Everyone has access but the bad is hang problem if someone is updating. Good for small or medium sized company to use such kind of tools.

5.Remedy IT Service Management

This is provide by vendor Remedy which is now part of BMC software.This with Change and Configuration Management this product will provide best practice processes to streamline and automate key activities to identify, respond to, and control changes.This Product also covers ITIL Change Management, Release Management,and Configuration Management like:

  • Identify — IT environment related to critical business services
  • Respond — to changing business and ITrequirements
  • Control — all business critical configurations in the IT environment
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