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What is a Quality Assurance (QA Check) Check List?

The QA Check is an automated process that verifies the contract contains the required and correct information. A QA checklist consists of one or more processes (PL/SQL Procedure, PL/SQL Package and Approval Workflow) which are executed at the time of launching QA check. Results of the QA check are returned to user on a screen immediately to troubleshoot any issue with Service Contract Authoring and maintenance.

Oracle provides a seeded QA check list which is also a default one for service contracts. In addition to the seeded QA checklist, we can define other checklists for Service Contracts to meet the specific business needs. The seeded QA checklist is executed automatically for any contract, even an additional QA check list is created for the contract.

What are the prerequisites?
All the processes must be defined in the Process Definitions form prior to be selected for a QA checklist.

QA check in Contract Life Cycle:

  1. Contract Authoring: After entering all the required information in the Service contract authoring form contract needs to be submitted for a contract approval workflow. On the Summary Administration tab of Service Contract Authoring Form, there is a Submit button that launches the QA check and then allows the contract to progress through the Approval workflow if it passes.
  2. Contract Maintenance: Contract maintenance includes various types of contract changes such as addition or termination of a service or usage line, changes in billing schedule, price changes etc. QA check is required in order to validate the consistency of the contract after every change. At this stage QA check is launched from the Actions menu.

Define QA check Process

You can define the Process :

Contract Service Contract Manager .. Setup .. Contract .. Process Definition

Launch a QA check

Action -> QA Check

Following are examples of issues that are tracked in the QA check: