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Billing for Service Contracts Agreements

In OKS, A billing schedule(or typically consider Billing agreenment schedule) determines when the customer is billed for the services they receive.

Therefore you must specify billing schedules for each contract that you author in Oracle Service Contracts.

Those Contract indirectly created in Oracle Order Management need not to create a billing schedules again.

Typically billing schedules can be defined at the contract header, the contract line, or the subline level.

In order to initiate and complete the billing process for a month, you must run the following concurrent programs:

  1. Service Contracts Main Billing :This program is run from OKS side. It generates a log file of the total value processed, total value successful, and total value rejected for billing. According to pricing attributes set up in the contract and billing schedule, detailed
    transactions are generated in the Service Contracts billing interface table.
  2. AutoInvoice Import Program :This imports the billing transactions from the Service Contracts Main Billing Program into Oracle Receivables and generates the invoice details.AutoInvoice is used to import Transaction Batches and Typically used transaction source as OKS_CONTRACTS.
  3. Service Contracts Fetch Receivables Info for Billing :This concurrent request obtains the invoice number and tax from Oracle Receivables, and updates the contract billing history. This information is displayed in the contract’s billing history.