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A note on sub ledger reconciliation reports during period closure

Posted on October 10th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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This is short note for subledger reconciliation reports which helps during period end closure.

Reconciliations – Subledger Accounting on-line account reconciliation to streamline the reconciliation process.

  1. Subledger Journal Entry Report : This will display detailed Header & Line information for Subledger and General Ledger journal entries by Source & Category
  2. Subledger Account Analysis : This report can be used to display Transactions transferred to & posted to a GL account for a period or range of periods
  3. Payables Third Party Balances : If you are managing third party account, then you can see Balances for your Third Party Control accounts
  4. Open Items Listing :
    1. For this you need define this report by Segment or Accounting Flexfield.
    2. This report display Detail/Summary by Accounts/Third Party.
    3. This report output available in multiple output formats .
    4. This will shows only Open Transactions.
    5. This is very similar to SAP Open Item Report seeded report. User coming from SAP to Oracle Financial now find similar report with less information. Still SAP’s Compact Journal Report is missing from Oracle’s SLA.
  5. Subledger Period Close Exception Report :During the period end run the Subledger Period End Close Exception report, and you can find the data with these information.
    1. Incomplete: Not ready for accounting, Run Subledger’s validation programs!
    2. Unprocessed: Transactions exist but have as yet not been accounted
    3. This report help in resolving exceptions quickly so that exceptions are not left to slow down the period-end close
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3 Responses
  1. Syed Says:

    Sanjit pl some thing tell about ADVANCE COLLETION Module

  2. Sanjit Anand Says:

    Thanks Syed,

    i will surly try to cover few cases with advance collection, if get some time. I am really struggling with executing my office work and blogging. Hope I will spend some time during weekends.’

    Thanks for stopping by

  3. Vamsi Kasina Says:

    Third Party Balances is not only for Payables, it is for Receivables also.
    AX used to support Balances for Costing, but not SLA.
    Subledger Period Close Exception Report also shows Final Journal Entries, which haven’t been transferred to GL yet.

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