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R12.2 : Transforming EBS Financials with Fusion Accounting Hub

In R12.2 , there is one important enhancement which transform EBS Financials with Fusion Accounting Hub.

The Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub provides integration for the Oracle General Ledger .

This new enhamcement in term of integration provides you with the opportunity to leverage the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub with minimal implementation effort and without disruption to your current financial management processes.

You can continue to use Oracle E-Business applications without disruption and you can also continue to account for transactions in Oracle General Ledger without changing their accounting treatments.

Integration between the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub and Oracle General Ledger includes the ability to transfer full or incremental period balances to the Fusion General Ledger.

You can convert charts of account values and accounting period information to align with Fusion ledger configurations. You can also drill from the summary information posted in the Fusion Accounting Hub back to the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

Integration with the Fusion Accounting Hub enables users to leverage new fusion general ledger capabilities, such as embedded ESSBASE (Extended Spreadsheet DataBASE) integration with real-time analytics, on-line slice-and-dice account analysis, making it easier to run boardroom financial reports, helping generate the boardroom financial reports with great ease.