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EBusiness Suite : Oracle Channel Revenue Management

Do you know, In Release 12.1 Trade Management is now a suite of four products as below in a new product family called Oracle Channel Revenue Management that manages financially oriented channel processes.

  1. Accounts Receivable Deduction Settlement
  2. Advanced Rebates and Point of Sale Management
  3. Price Protection [This is new product in R12.1]
  4. Supplier Ship and Debit [This is new product in R12.1]

Adding these Products in Line of your Business will help you to :

Typically these products are best suited for industry like High Tech, Life Sciences/HealthCare, Wholesale/Retail, that application are best suited if you are considering for "Invoice to Settlement" Business flow.

Lets have a brief introduction for these family products.


This provides a central repository of all claims and deductions to claim analysts, giving them easy access to the information they need to resolve claims quickly, and to give management full visibility into outstanding claims and deductions. It integrates resolution of deductions and claims with receivable systems and accounts payable and validates that the correct general ledger accounts are assigned. Properly approved claims automatically spawn payments and credits in Oracle Payables and Oracle Receivables.

Some of key functionality for this products are :

  • Dispute/deduction handling
  • Rebates Settlement
  • Promotional Payments View
  • Complete AR processing that means you get high visibility into aging buckets and total amounts outstanding
  • Lockbox integration additional you have customer reason code mapping
  • Auto-write offs
  • Mass Settlements

This application is have Integration with Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Order Management, General Ledger, Channel Rebate and POS Management ,Tax Engine and Oracle Collection.

Those who have high transactional volume of invoicing and disputes and currently using Oracle Financials and Order Management take take advantage of this products. This also help in order to meet your compliance regulations


Oracle Channel Rebate and Point-of-Sale Management provides functionality above and beyond that provided by Oracle Advanced Pricing for pricing scenarios including net accruals, retroactive pricing, complex volume pricing agreements, supplier ship and debit and the ability to update the correct general ledger accounts for all pricing situations including discounts. This is the only system in Oracle today that provides the correct accounting procedures for price reductions given on invoices. It also controls pricing in multi-tiered distribution.

This system addresses four critical areas related to the effective processing, POS data load, data validation & cleansing, dispute handling and Claims settlement.


Oracle Price Protection is a new module in Release 12.1 that provides distributors the ability to adjust and control their inventory valuations, purchasing costs and sales pricing based on pricing changes received from vendors. Price Protection automates the price protection processes when a vendor changes the price of a product and adjusts the GL records systematically.

More specifically, this product:

  • Generates and tracks price-protection claims for both on-hand product inventory and customer product inventory
  • Updates inbound prices lists and purchasing systems with new prices
  • Updates costing and financial systems to reflect new prices and its execution can be done by
    • Providing consolidated view of inventory across WMS and TM (Channel inventory)
    • Calculating accruals and generate debit claims for vendors
    • Calculating accruals and issue credits for customers
    • Integrating with Oracle Costing to adjust Cost of Goods and Services (COGS)
    • Integrating with Oracle Purchasing to adjust inbound price list and purchase orders
    • Integrating with Oracle Pricing to update inbound price list with new price
    • Integrating with Oracle Financials to handle deferred revenue recognition

Price Protection leverages Oracle Fusion Middleware and has service-oriented architecture to allow for rapid deployment into heterogeneous environments. Price Protection is designed to work out-of-the-box with Oracle E-Business Suite

This product is Integrates with Procurement, Warehouse / Inventory, Costing, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable.

This new products is targeted for Wholesalers/distributors specially for High Tech customers. This application is having dependency and perquisite of first two application discussed above.


Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit is a new module in Release 12.1 and a new flow introduced that enables Distributors to more quickly and intelligently respond to market conditions by automating special price requests to Vendors, in order to close more sales and increase profitability. Distributors are able to reduce the cost of managing the special pricing process as the execution and the more tedious claiming process are completely automated thereby providing greater visibility.

This products sound similar to Wholesalers/distributors specially for High Tech customers. This application is having dependency and perquisite of first two application discussed above.Supplier Ship & Debit application have Dependencies and perquisite with AR Deduction Settlement and Channel Rebate & Point of Sale Management application.