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Dunning and EBS R12

Posted on August 25th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Quick notes for Dunning Letter in EBS R12.

  • tick The AR Dunning Letters is obsolete in R12.
  • tick The AR Collections Workbench is obsolete in Release 12.
  • tick You will need to install the Oracle Advanced Collections application.
  • tick The basic Collections functionality is available in Oracle Advanced Collections without any extra cost.
    • However, if you wish to use the more complex functionality in the Oracle Advanced Collections, you will need to pay for license cost.
  • tick In R12 Advanced collections, you will now need to run Oracle Advanced Collections Dunning Plans instead.
  • tick To using the Dunning Plan basic functionality you donot requires Oracle Advanced Collections license.
  • tickThe Dunning process in R12 Collections is based on Scoring. You can set it up so that a particular score is associated to a Dunning Letter Plan. Then only allow that one customer to get that score.
  • tick Dunning Plans in Advanced Collections replace Dunning Letters in 11i AR , thus dunning Plans will need to be setup.
  • tickStaged Dunning Letters does not exist in R12 Collections rather can be used the Standard Dunning Plans in R12 of Collections. However, for a more complex timing and use of Dunning letters you will want to setup the highly configurable Strategies and send your letters in this manner.
  • tickCustomer interactions and correspondence, transaction processing, and dunning activities are consider as basic functionality whereas scoring, collections strategies, enhanced payment and promise processing, automated promise tracking, and automated collector work assignment are consider as advance feature of product.
  • tickIn R12, dunning functionality is executed by XML Publisher.
  • tickThese are some of seeded template for Dunning in R12.tempalte

List of seeded Template (ref:source)

  • tickIt is anticipated that Dunning Letters can be delivered via e-mail, fax or print.
  • tickIEX is application code 782 is product code for Advance Collections.
  • tickDunning Plans include aging bucket parameters for all data levels (customer, account, bill-to, transaction) in Oracle Advanced Collections. That mean A collections manager can configure dunning plans that look at the oldest aged invoice for each customer, along with the score, and have the system send different dunning letters to customers in each aging bucket.This was first Released 11i.IEX.H.
  • tickA migration white paper and migration scripts will be provided to Oracle Receivables Workbench customers moving to Oracle Advanced Collections.

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5 Responses
  1. Gareth Roberts Says:

    Nice post.

  2. Enzo Says:

    Warning with advanced collection :
    If you choose to implement strategies (thus, not the dunnings plans), then be aware that, because there are no longer any stages, for a given customer, all invoices will be gathered and inserted in the current dunning letter, whatever their score, due dates or task.

  3. laxmikant Says:

    How do you tag a customer with dunning letter . I meant scoring engine and aging is userful for dunning plan creation . But how you decide that customer of so and so country should get so and so letter . Till 11i it was done with profile , collection cycle , dunning letter set and user but now sure what need to be looked in 12i

  4. BeLife » Blog Archive » Staged Dunning letters and Upgrading to R12 Says:

    […] […]

  5. Iván Garrido Says:


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