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R12 SLA vis-à-vis AX of 11i

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We have already seen oracle new Oracle Sub ledger Accounting replaces the Global Accounting Engine, which normally used for European & Regional Localizations need in earlier versions. SLA itself extends the AX engine functionality by providing customizable accounting rules via a flexible

Is SLA a clone of AX?
Yes, almost the functionality was derived from there itself, lets see vis-à-vis to uptake some of the functionality in these two products.

Not only functionality, some of the reports replaces the corresponding reports of the Global Accounting Engine.

The good is that both the Global Accounting Engine(AX) and Oracle Subledger Accounting(SLA) generate accounting from a compiled definition of accounting rules defined by users. Oracle Subledger Accounting further maintains version control on the rules enabling users to modify the rules while maintaining auditability.

What you say..sounds good :)

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2 Comments To "R12 SLA vis-à-vis AX of 11i"

#1 Comment By Vinay On April 11, 2008 @ 2:36 am

Ofcourse the base for SLA is AX, but SLA is much more advanced and have better performing architecture compare to AX. You can also see SLA is opening for Third party application integration.

#2 Comment By Vamsi Kasina On January 11, 2011 @ 1:15 pm

Unlike SLA, Global Accounting Engine(AX) doesn’t support user accounting rules. In AX, there are some seeded set of accounting rules from Oracle for Payables, Receivables and Costing, i.e., Standard and Italian.