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R12 : Management Reporting Security

Posted on March 2nd, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Do you know, in R12 there is a new management segment qualifier for your chart of accounts. This would qualify a segment to be the management segment if that segment has management responsibility and you can facilitate setting of Read, Write access permissions while defining Data access set in GL.

With this new concept you can:

  • Enables management reporting and analysis
  • Provide a better controls access to specific MSVs based on management responsibility and this can be
    • prevents managers/line managers from viewing or updating data for cost centers, lines of businesses, product lines, etc. that are outside their responsibility
    • Secures access to ledgers and management segment values
    • Grants read only or read and write access to management segment values

This can be best understood as with this simple example,assume you Business COA is based out of three thing like


  • line of business
  • cost center
  • product line

segemt You can set Qualifier with any of the segement, The added benefit of using a management segment is that you can now secure management segment values using data access sets. So you can grant read only or read and write access to specific management segment values to prevent certain managers from viewing and updating data for cost centers, lines of business, or product lines outside of their management authority.

double-arrowDefining and Designing your Management segment qualifier

Define a management segment if you want to perform management reporting and secure read and write access to segment values for the managementsegment. This segment can be any segment, except the balancing segment, natural account segment, or intercompany segment.

double-arrowHow it works

This can be understood as, lets we have four cost center like C0699,C0101,C0201,C0312 and these cost center have Vice President, director A, director B and Director C respectively.The Orginaztional Chart of cost center hierarchy is as figure below.


If you assign the cost center segment as the management segment, read and write access can be secured to certain management segment values based on the cost center manager.

In above example , Director A has read and write access to only cost center C101. Director A does not have access to Director B’s or Director C’s cost center or to the Vice President’s cost center. This will true for others when you set to other. This way you can secure Managment reporting.

If you have given Read/Write to Parent Cost center 0699 to the Vice President, on the other hand, would have full read and write access to cost center C0101,C0201 and C0312 which is the parent of the direct reports. Thus,in that case the VP has full access to all direct reports’ data.

double-arrowBenefits of Management Reporting Security

The new management segment qualifier in combination with data access sets paves the way for management reporting and analysis.You can restrict access to different management segment values and assign them to different managers in your organization.

double-arrowHow this can be achieved in EBS

This can be achieved by setting three steps

  1. Fisrt step you have to to find designate a Management Segment for Chart of Accounts
  2. Then you have to define Data Access Set to Secure the above designate Specific Management Segment Values
  3. Then you have to assign Data Access Set To Responsibility.
    That all, to make security takes effect for that responsibility.

Your Naviagation should be from Responsibility: General Ledger

Navigation: Setup : Financials : Data Access Sets


Data Access Set and Management segment Value

As we know in Release 12,data access sets control which ledgers can be accessed by different responsibilities. Data access sets can also limit a user from accessing certain balancing segment values or
management segment values or grant read–only or read and write access to data in a ledger.

GL automatically creates a data access set when you define a ledger or ledger set. This system-generated data access set provides full read and write access to ledgers. You can also provide more limited access to your ledgers and ledger sets by defining your own data access sets.

double-arrowSuggested Reading

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    Needless to say … it is a good writeup.Could we a go step furthur and say that it not a substitue to segment security as segment security does not permit read only access to values.

    Respectfull regards

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