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Ebusiness Tax : A handy note for Support Team

Following are the main ebusiness tax tables that will contain the setup information that will help support in troubleshooting ebusiness tax in formation.

  1. Tax Regimes ZX_REGIMES_B
    • A Tax Regime contains the set of tax rules that determine the treatment of one or more taxes that have been grouped together for administration or other purposes
    • VAT Regime in Argentina that sets the rules for Standard VAT, Additional VAT, and Perception VAT and US Sales Tax Regime in US with State, County and
      City/District taxes.
  2. Taxes: ZX_TAXES_B
  3. Tax Status: ZX_STATUS_B
    • Tax Status is the taxable nature of a product or service in the context of a transaction for a tax. For e.g. Zero Rated, Standard Rated etc.
  4. Tax Rates: ZX_RATES_B
    • These are the rate specified for a tax status in effect for a period of time; the tax rate can be expressed as a percentage or as a value per unit quantity.
  5. Tax Jurisdictions: ZX_JURISDICTIONS_B
    • These are geographic area where a tax is levied by a specific tax authority
  6. Tax Rules: ZX_RULES_B

Debugging tax , use these queries :

SELECT * FROM zx_regimes_b WHERE tax_regime_code = <tax_regime_code>

SELECT * FROM zx_taxes_b WHERE DECODE('&tax_name',null,'xxx',tax) = nvl('&tax_name','xxx') AND tax_regime_code = <tax_regime_code>

FROM zx_status_b
WHERE tax = <tax_name>
AND tax_regime_code = <tax_regime_code>

SELECT * FROM zx_rates_b WHERE tax = <tax_name> AND tax_regime_code = <tax_regime_code>

SELECT * FROM zx_jurisdictions_b WHERE DECODE('&tax_name',null,'xxx',tax) = nvl('&tax_n ame','xxx')
AND tax_regime_code = <tax_regime_code>