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MOAC :”Multi-Org Preferences”

MOAC allows users of a single responsibility to perform task in multiple operating units without having to switch responsibilities.Out of Box functionality of MOAC, there is something called "Multi-Org Preferences".

What is "Multi-Org Preferences"?

Multi-Org Preferences allows you to control the list of operating units to which you have access.

Lets say you have around 20 OU's divided into three major Region (North America, Europe and APAC). Lets say within APAC region you are responsible for all 7 OU's within Region.

In this situation, a system administrator may create a security profile that has 7 operating units assigned to it and assign it to your responsibility. But, you may only deal with five of the operating units on a daily basis and do not want work space cluttered with extraneous operating units. You could set up Multi-Org preferences to restrict the list of operating units; you have complete control over this and can change it at anytime. In addition, you can specify a default operating unit.

You can get mainly three major benefits:

MOAC Preferences" Setup

Most of the R12 Oracle products have added the Preferences user interface to their respective responsibility menus from where you can select preferred operating units which represent a subset of operating units assigned to your responsibility security profile. You can also set a default operating unit.

If your responsibility does not have submenu for display Preferences, you need to contact your system administrator to adding the function(FNDMOPREFS) to your menu definition.Once this function is attached with your responsibility you can manage and do the setup for preferences.

Here is one demo for setting up of Preference based out of Payable sub ledger. Lets say you have 2 OU's Vision USA and UK. The first step would be log into Payable responsibility and then navigate

Responsibility: Payables, Vision Operations

Next you need to Navigation

Setup > Options > User Operating Unit Preferences(as mention in above figure)

The new SSPage will appears

What you can see based out of above screen ,Multi-Org Preferences page consist of:

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5 Comments To "MOAC :”Multi-Org Preferences”"

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#2 Comment By Hemant On September 15, 2008 @ 3:12 am


I was checking the same in AR but i am not getting will you guide me on the same ..means how to achive the User Operating Unit Preferences in AR .

#3 Comment By Nenad On November 20, 2008 @ 2:26 pm

I agree that the MOAC brings many good news to the multi OU environments. BUT, it’s great only when it comes to the data entry process as it’s not possible to report on all data (reports) in AP, for example, for all OUs at once. As opposed to current situation in R12 we should have at our choice whether we want to run a report at the OU level or LE or Ledger level. And, I mean ALL AP reports not only a few. Because of that we had to leave this approach and make many personalizations/customatizations at the data entry side because our customer want to report on data for all OUs in one run. So, for me this is an semi-finished product. Regards, Nenad

#4 Comment By Lakshmi Narayana On May 13, 2009 @ 11:56 am

Have you tried the MO: Top Operating Level Profile option. I believe for that profile option, you can give a SOB,legal entity,OU etc and all the operating units under the umbrella of that legal entity(for ex) will be picked for any reporting purposes. Please validate my comments.

#5 Comment By Lakshmi Narayana On May 13, 2009 @ 11:58 am

Oops, I believe MO: Top Operating Level Profile option is there for only 11i.