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Know the Changes because of R12 Oracle Payment Module (Fund Disbursement) in EBS

Posted on November 26th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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As we know , fund disbursement functionality has been moved from Oracle payables to new Payment module, which provides these functionality like;

  • Creation & validation of payments
  • Aggregation of payments into files
  • Format & transmission of files

where as selection & approval of invoices remains in Payables itself.

It is very important to understand some of important changes impact while upgrading 11i to r12 to some of the custom reports if they are based out of R11i10 version schema model.


greUnderstand some of the changes because of Funds Disbursement(Oracle Payment)

Some of the important changes can be summarized as:12tablechangespayment

Will take some more discussion on Oracle Payments some other day.:)

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13 Responses
  1. Navneeth Says:

    I understand that Customer Bank Accounts are stored in IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS but how do I link the customer stored in AR_CUSTOMERS and the Customer Bank stored in IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS.

    For example, I defined Customer X with Bank Y. I can see the Customer X information in AR_CUSTOMERS and that customer’s Bank Y Information in IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS. What is the linking point between X and Y between these 2 tables?

    Appreciate your help.

  2. Sanjit Anand Says:

    In Release 12, Customer Bank Information is no longer stored in AP_BANK_ACCOUNTS and
    AP_BANK_ACCT_USES_ALL tables as they are obsolete.

    This information is stored in the following iPayment (IBY) tables:

    1) IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS defines the external bank account entity. This table should not be
    translated for any columns.
    2) IBY_ACCOUNT_OWNERS stores the joint account owners of a bank account.
    3) IBY_EXTERNAL_PAYERS_ALL stores payment attributes of the customer.
    4) IBY_PMT_INSTR_USES_ALL Payment instruments assignments

    hope you get the answer

  3. Navneeth Says:

    I am new to this site. So I had trouble finding the reply for my post. Coming to the point of my query, I am a core functional guy, so I don’t understand the exact meaning of ‘This table should not be translated for any columns’.

    In fact I searched Metalink and found the exact statement. so can you please explain me what it means.

    From one of your another blog, i understood that I can use the following query:
    SELECT * FROM iby_ext_bank_accounts, hz_code_assignments WHERE hz_code_assignments.owner_table_id = iby_ext_bank_accounts.branch_id
    to get the Customer bank but it is duplicating the data. It is showing 2 records for each bank. Can you pls tell me why it is so.

  4. Jonathan Aitken Says:

    Is anyone else having problems getting payments to work. We are testing R12.0.4 and we cannot get the Payments module to complete a check run.
    We are implementing R12 from scratch (not an upgrade) and we have not been able to successfully process any transactions from Oracle Payments.
    AP invoices seem to work. Paying them via Payments does not.
    We have logged lots of bugs and are currently on R12.0.4 in our test system.
    We had some success on 12.0.3 with quick checks but we have never been successful with a full check run.
    Since upgrading to 12.0.4 we have had nothing but more problems.

  5. Jonathan Aitken Says:

    It turned out to be a bug.
    We applied several patches 6673696 6827266, 6849046 and 6940908.
    6940908 turned out to fix our issue.

  6. shashi Says:

    What is the reason for fund disbursement functionality or payment batch which is moved from Oracle payables to new Payment module. what is the importance of the Payment module.


  7. Antje Schneider Says:

    hi payment gurus!

    have the same issue like Jonathan. 6940908 doesnt solve our problem.

    we cannot format the remittance
    sytem doesnt create format report. in the exception column we have always “INVALID_AUTHORIZATION”

    Payer Granted Authorization to Debit Bank Account Flag is set!

    any help would be great!

  8. Emmanuel Says:

    We are having issues in settingup the payments and to print the check run. We are upgrading to 12.0.6. As you have success in making it work, would you please share your email we can ask you few questions. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance

  9. Ana777 Says:

    Hi, The table AP_SELECTED_INVOICE_CHECKS_all is replaced or obsolete in R12 ?
    The field check_number in ap.AP_SELECTED_INVOICES_ALL is null, why ??

  10. Bill Dunham Says:

    We had issues with R12.0.6 AP XML Check – there is little documentation to support paying multiple invoices on one payment- the stub section grows without adjusting the check printing – the standard AP XML check does not work as intended so we had to copy it and build our own. We have been able to get it to work but not without a lot of extra work.

  11. Kalpesh Says:

    Hi All,
    Can anybody tell me what all table name/Structure got changed in Payables,Purchasing and Project Accounting due to R12..?

  12. HY Says:


    In R11i, we can create our custom format payment program. But in R12, how can we create our format payment program? I know that we can register a new XML template for a new payment file layout. But how can we create our custom program extraction logic? Anyone can provide the detail steps on creating custom format program?


    To answer Navneeth’s question, the duplication happens because of class_category column in hz_class_assignments table.

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