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Oracle Pricing Module – A Note

Posted on March 25th, 2007 by anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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It provides an advanced, highly flexible pricing engine that executes pricing calculations for Oracle Order Management. Some of the features which Pricing allows you are:

  • Apply a surcharge
  • Discounts by percentage or amount
  • Calculate the price of order lines using list prices specified in price lists and pricing formulas.
  • Apply price modifiers/qualifiers that you define to a line.
  • Calculate freight charges and show it as a separate component in Order Management

Concepts in pricing

Price Lists
Price lists are essential to ordering products because each item entered on an order must have a price. Each price list contains basic list information like price list name, effective dates, currency, pricing controls,rounding factor,shipping defaults such as freight terms and freight carrier,and one or more pricing lines, pricing attributes.

Pricing Formulas
Formulas are mathematical expressions that the pricing engine uses to determine the list prices of items and the discounts that apply to those items.

Price List Qualifiers/Modifiers

Price List Qualifiers/Modifiers Modifiers enable you to setup price adjustments (for example, discounts and surcharges) and freight and special charges (modifier lists) that the pricing engine applies immediately to pricing requests.Using modifiers you can:

  • Setup a modifier list with multiple modifier lines
  • Create eligibility rules for modifiers by assigning list and line level qualifiers
  • Qualifiers help the pricing engine to determine who is eligible for the modifier.

Pricing Attributes

Pricing attributes are characteristics of products and services that specify when the characteristics help to determine the price of a product or service. Distance, age of a related product, customer class, product family group, and level of service are examples of pricing attributes. You can specify one or a combination of pricing attributes and assign them to a product. At order entry time, the pricing engine evaluates the attributes you have specified during formula setup to calculate the price.

Steps for pricing an order

  • Create a price list (one time)
  • This includes creation of price list headers and lines(which associates items to a particular price)
  • Create pricing formulas (optional)
  • Create price list modifiers/qualifiers (optional)
  • Create an order.
  • Attach the price list to that order.
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11 Responses
  1. NRIAJ Says:

    Want the code for this oracle pricing

  2. hi Says:

    need oracle pricing API which calculates adjusted amount

  3. Sanjit Anand Says:

    could you elaborate with more details, as I am not able to understand your requirement

  4. Rafee Says:

    hi anand,
    My requirement is like this…
    In quick sales order form in order lines order item is A,quantity 10 (if list price of A is 10$)(if discount modidfier with the application method Amount 2$ is ) oracle pricing engine will calculate unit selling price by applying modifier 8$ and inserts the adjustments to oe_price_adjustments table.Its a seeded functionality..
    question 1)
    how to do the same manually by using API by passing so
    My requirement without doing this i want to populate unit seeling price,adjusted values..(like adjusted amount …application method modifier which is applied…) manulaly by passing SOME PARAMETERS to an API which returns the without using sales order.
    Unit Price Before an Order Creation and Quote , from the API of ” QP_PREQ_PUB.PRICE_REQUEST ” ,. based on Item ID , Quantity and two Modifiesrs(Price List ID and Order Type ID).

  5. rafee Says:

    when can i expect reply from you..

  6. Bala Says:

    Want the code for this oracle pricing

  7. rafee Says:

    hi Bala,
    do u have the code..for my requirement. please give me the code..thanks in advance

  8. Imran khan Says:

    Hi Anand,

    Can you plz elaborate more on Advance Pricing setups.

    For example;
    How to use Modifiers and Qualifiers for a given price list with a simple example.

    Apprecita ur help,

    Thx N Regs,

  9. ranjith Says:

    Hey bala,
    Can u pls give me the code for this oracle pricing.

  10. Lorena Says:

    Hi, i have a problem with setting up a Minimum price list.
    I need to create a price lists that have the next result:

    If a customer buys for $100, the price in sales orders must be $150.
    If it buys for $149, the price must be $150.
    But if he buys for $200, the price must be $200.

    I need to set de price list called “MINIMUN USD 150”.

    please i need help urgent!

  11. Suhas Says:

    Thank you Sanjit…This is very vey halpful


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