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Oracle Pricing API

Posted on March 28th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Some time back, I had opportunity to work some conversion in oracle pricing module; Though It was pretty simple task for mine only price list and qualifier need to convert. A week back, when a friend of mine asked some information about Pricing Module, I thought to share the information, which I collected at that time. So here are the lists of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that Oracle Pricing has. These APIs can be used in custom programs or for doing conversion or migration activity for using some of the pricing functions.

  • QP_Price_formula_PUB.Get_Price_Formula (Formula Calculation API): The Formula Calculation package consists of entities to calculate the value of a formula.
  • QP_Price_formula_PUB.Process_Price_Formula (Update Formula Prices API): The Update Formula Prices package consists of entities to update formula prices.
  • QP_CUSTOM.Get_Custom_Price (Get Custom Price API): You may add custom code to this customizable function. The pricing engine while evaluating a formula that contains a formula line (step) of type “function” calls this API.
  • QP_PREQ_GRP.Price_Request (Price Request API): The Price Request Application Program Interface (API) is a public API that allows you to get a base price and to apply price adjustments, other benefits, and charges to a transaction.
  • QP_MODIFIERS_PUB.Process_Modifiers (Business Object for Modifier Setup API): The Business Object for Modifier Setup package consists of entities to set up modifiers.
  • QP_QUALIFIER_RULES_PUB.Process_Qualifier_Rules (Qualifiers API): The Qualifiers package consists of entities to set up qualifiers.
  • QP_ATTR_MAPPING_PUB. Build_Contexts (Attribute Mapping API): The Attribute Mapping package consists of entities to map attributes.
  • QP_Price_List_PUB.Process_Price_List (Price List Setup API): The Price List Setup package consists of entities to set up price lists.

I hope this information given above will be useful in your Oracle Advanced Pricing endeavors.

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6 Responses
  1. rafee Says:

    hi anand,
    Do you have any wraper program which will use
    My Requirement is Without using sales order i want to populate unit selling price,Adjust ments applied on the item.
    Let take one Example…
    ITEM A:List Price 10$
    Modifier 1$ (Discount/Application method is Amount)
    By passing inventory item id,order_type_id,price_list_id,ordered_quantity..etc…
    It should return unit selling price,Applied modifier,adjusted amount,phase,bucket…etc…can you help me….

  2. Sanjit Anand Says:

    hey i donot have any code at this time, i will try to see in my old folder.

    Meanwhile try to see in

  3. Rafee Says:

    Anand can u please respond quickly

  4. sumanth Says:


    I have walked through the site. It is informative.

    I am looking for indetail of Qualifier API. could you please help in this regrad.

    I have searched oracle meta link…could not find any document as TCA API. which refers indetail.

    It would be helpful if you provide me document for qualifier in detail


  5. Bhaskar Akkala Says:

    Can you please let us know how to use QP_PREQ_GRP.Price_Request api for end-dated products. That API will not return the list price if the product is end dated but would like to know even for end dated products list price. please suggest.

  6. Raghavendra Prasad Says:

    Hi all,

    I have walked through this site , very useful site for information getting .

    I am Looking Complete indetails of Qualifier API, With Example.

    I have serached in all sights reagdring for Qualifiers API.

    If any body have it is very help full to me .

    At least Small Example Code is also enough to me .

    Advance Thanks

    With Regards


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