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Supplier Management Overview & EBS

If your company or Customer have a multi-supplier environment, then managing Supplier is always be a challenge. In that case if you are using EBS R12.1.2 or higher version then you use solution from Oracle that helps you to manage and track supplier data a bit more easier way. The Oracle Supplier Hub and Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management applications are designed to keep a record of all your suppliers and also model (TCA way) and track suppliers through processes that are built-in.

Oracle Supplier Hub(SDH) application helps maintain supplier information. Supplier data from various sources can be Extracted ,cleaned up and loaded in this application ( and Published too). The data can also be merged with data from third party sources such as D & B. Each supplier's quantity metrics like quality, on-time delivery, and qualitative metrics in terms of supplier performance, quality and reliability can all be stored here. Oracle Supplier Hub is a stand-alone data management application and have the great capability to integrate with legacy applications.

Other Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management(SLM) application supports on boarding, performance evaluation(Qualification and On-boarding ), and governance of suppliers based on risk" by mean of web-based application allows supplier registration. Ongoing performance is documented through template questionnaires and a centralized record of suppliers by risk, compliance and adherence to local laws, regulations, etc. are all stored in this application.

Putting together, these two applications really have great potential to make supply chain management [1] section easier.