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Purchasing Approvals

In PO there are two methods to route documents for approval.

Approval Hierarchies (uses position hierarchies)

Employee/Supervisor Relationships (use employee/supervisor relationship)

Approval Hierarchies

Purchasing utilizes positions as a roadmap to determine how and where documents will be routed once the approval process has been initiated. It is first necessary to have created all positions that are going to be used in the system. Once all positions have been created, it is necessary to build the position hierarchy.

Each position has approval limits, so when a purchase order exceeds the limits of the position, the purchase order is forwarded onto the next position in the Hierarchy

Employee/Supervisor Relationships

This type of hierarchy does not use the Approval Hierarchy form,but is defined by the employee/supervisor relationship. The supervisor of an employee is defined on the Assignment region of the Employee form

If the purchase order entered by the employee exceeds the approval limits, the purchase order is forwarded onto the employees' supervisor, as defined on the Employee form

To implement this form of approval routing, you need only to define JOBS. The JOB will then serve as the tie to the Approval group, and based on the approval limits from the Approval Group, the Document will either be Approved or Forwarded to the Employees’ Supervisor.

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