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Oracle Sourcing

Oracle Sourcing is the yet another enterprise application that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic sourcing. This application is a key component of Oracle Advanced Procurement, which dramatically cuts all supply management costs. Oracle sourcing enables buyers to source more of the organizations spend at lower total cost. Oracle Sourcing application creates immediate savings through rapid deployment, and ensures long-term savings with consistent execution and compliance.

With Oracle Sourcing you can:

There are three typical business flows that utilize Oracle Sourcing.

  1. Create New Documents Using Demand Workbench
  2. Create New Documents from Existing Blanket PO Agreements
  3. Create Documents Directly in Oracle Sourcing

Details are herewith:

1.Sourcing buyers can use the Demand Workbench feature of Oracle Purchasing to select approved requisition lines and aggregate demand into a draft auction or a Sourcing RFQ. Buyers can use the Demand Workbench without leaving Oracle Sourcing. The backing requisition line information is retained throughout the life cycle of the sourcing document.

2. Oracle purchasing buyers can select a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) and use it as the basis of a new auction or Sourcing RFQ. The details of the BPA (including header, attachments, price breaks) are copied to the draft negotiation, and the sourcing lines refer to the originating BPA lines.

3. Oracle Sourcing buyers can define sourcing documents directly in Oracle Sourcing. Inventory items can be selected and goods and services can be entered directly. A large number of items can be quickly entered by using the spreadsheet upload feature.

Therefore, buyers have visibility to information throughout the complete procurement process. Oracle purchasing users can view the awards that initiated the standard purchase order or blanket purchase agreement.

Hope this helps.