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Oracle Service Procurement

Oracle Service Procurement simplifies contract management and provides a centralized repository for entitlement information.

Rapidly create, manage, and update service contracts, warranties, and extended warranties on sales of goods or services. Then provide service based on real-time entitlement data. As a result, you minimize contract leakage, increase recurring revenues, and provide targeted services while reducing operational costs.

Service Procurement need a separate license

iProcurement and Oracle Purchasing are both mandatory for Services Procurement

Beacuse Oracle Services Procurement Integration require Oracle iProcurement which plays a major role in Oracle Services Procurement when requisitioning temporary labor. Oracle iProcurement can also be fully utilized in requisitioning services through Oracle Services Procurement.

If you have licensed and implemented Oracle Services Procurement, then there is additional setup that you can perform in Oracle iProcurement to requisition services and temporary labor.


You can check Oracle Data sheet for Oracle Service Procurement [1]