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Oracle iSupplier portal – How its Works

Oracle iSupplier Portal enables secure, self-service business transactions between companies and their suppliers provides suppliers with the ability to directly manage business transactions and access secure information

Key business flows Include:

Core Functionality of this application are :

1) PO Collaboration

  • View and Acknowledge PO
  • Submit PO Change Requests and Split Shipments
  • Manage Deliverables
  • View agreements and PO revision history
  • Issue Work Confirmations

2) Shipment Notices

  • Inbound logistics
  • Plan the optimum route
  • You can view Delivery Schedules, receipt, returns and overdue receipts

3) Inventory

  • View item inventory Information like on-hand stock, item locations, lot and serials
  • Vendor Managed inventory – supplier manage their inventory at customer’s location
  • Consigned inventory – View on hand stock on consigned items as well as associated p2p transactions.

4) Supplier Management

  • Vendor registration
  • Supplier profile Management e.g. address, business classification, bank details, tax details, item, category etc.

5) Buyer’s Internal view

  • Provide all information which supplier view
  • Search information across all the suppliers
  • Search and view supplier items

6) For Invoice and Payments

  • This provides view the history and status of all invoices
  • This Provide view the history of all payments done

Check out at link for Oracle Datasheet [1] .