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Oracle ASL-Sourcing

Posted on July 27th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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For this topic, presuming you already aware of sourcing module of Purchasing family of Oracle EBS footprints.If you hear this first time, then next paragraph is meant for you.

Sourcing is a function with strategic importance within the broader context of procurement. Infact it is a subset of procurement with strategic context. Sourcing sets thestage for the entire company’s purchase for direct and indirect materials, and involveshighlevel, company-wide approaches to obtaining materials and services, identifying andevaluating potential suppliers to meet those needs, negotiating and implementingcontracts with selected suppliers, monitoring and improving ongoing supplier relationships.

Two important concept , sourcing rule and ASL .

dgreybarrow Sourcing Rule

Sourcing rules define inventory replenishment method for either a single organization or all organizations in the enterprise. They describe sourcing supply; for any organization,[Adopted user Documentation]

  • they answer the question “where do I get part A from?”
  • User defines rankings and % allocation for replenishment sources in the form of Sourcing Rules.

Assign sourcing Rules typically follow prioritity from Global to Item Orgnization sepecfic as below:

Global->Organization->Item Category->Item->Item Category-Organization->Item Organization

dgreybarrow ASL

All procurement organizations maintain lists that associate the items and services they buy from supplier organization.

Data stored in a global repository containing relevant details about each item/supplier/supplier site relationship, is known as an Approved Supplier List (ASL).

This repository includes information about all suppliers with business statuses ranging from ‘Approved’ (the supplier has demonstrated the ability to satisfy rigorous quality, cost, and delivery requirements over a sustained period) to ‘Debarred’ (the supplier is temporarily/permanently disallowed on purchase orders due to performance failure, ethics violations, etc.) or ‘New’ if you have never placed a purchase rorder with the supplier.

dgreybarrowWhy do we use ASL-Sourcing

This is because of three simple great reason, as

  • Automatically default supplier and pricing information onto Document Lines
  • Source the item from negotiated purchase agreements
  • Reduce manual intervention

dgreybarrow Which Other Products use Sourcing Rules

  • Purchasing
  • Planning
  • Supplier Scheduling
  • Supply Chain Planning

dgreybarrow How to start to utilize this function

In order to utilize this you have to perform these setup steps:

  • Define Item or category
  • Define Supplier/Supplier Site
  • Create Quote or Blanket Purchase agreement
  • Define ASL
  • Define Sourcing Rule
  • Assign Sourcing Rule to Assignment Set

dgreybarrow Conversion. Migratioon, Integration

If you are implementing First time, need to do conversion and other activity, What should be the best strategy for mass upload of Approved Supplier List and Sourcing Rule.Is there any API or interface to do the same?

This capability exists through the Purchasing Document Open Interface (PDOI).You can import Global Approved Supplier List(ASL) through the Purchasing Document Open Interface (PDOI)

Read this

Approved Supplier Lists (ASL)

dgreybarrow Table Used in ASL-Sourcing

Object Name Object Type Detail Description
PO_APPROVED_SUPPLIER_LIST Table This table stores the relationship between an item orcommodity; a supplier, distributor, or manufacturer; ship-to organizations; and approval/certification status
PO_ASL_ATTRIBUTES Table This table stores all information for thesupplier/item/organization relationship defined inPO_APPROVED_SUPPLIER_LIST. This informationis maintained separately to allow each organization to define its ownattributes, even if using a Global ASL entry for the supplier/item relationship and approval status
PO_ASL_DOCUMENTS Table This table stores sourcing references to supply agreements,blanket agreements, and catalog quotations associated with particular suppliers and items in PO_APPROVED_SUPPLIER_LIST
PO_ASL_STATUSES Table This table stores the user-defined approval/certification statuses forthe ASLs
PO_ASL_STATUS_RULES Table This table stores the business rules associated with each defined ASL status
MRP_SOURCING_RULES Table This table stores sourcing rule names and descriptions. The Define Sourcing Rule form populates this table
MRP_ASSIGNMENT_SETS Table This table stores information about Sourcing Assignment Sets.The Define Assignment Sets form populates this table
MRP_SR_ASSIGNMENTS Table This table stores the assignment of sourcing rulesor bills of distribution to items, organizations, category, orat the global level. The Assign Sourcing Rules Form populates this table
PO_ASL_ATTRIBUTES_VAL_V wiew This view used by the Create Documentsworkflow that is created from table PO_ASL_ATTRIBUTES and tablePO_APPROVED_SUPPLIER_LIST

Hope this helps.

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