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Oracle API Availability -Purchasing

Posted on June 17th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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To get the brief idea about some available standard available Oracle Application interfaces applicable within oracle purchasing modules and hopefully it should serve to familiarize individuals with limited knowledge of Oracle’s API functionality.

1. Open Requisition Interface

What you can do:
By this you can Automatically import requisitions from other oracle Application system or any other system using this interface. This allows you to integrate your oracle purchasing application with new or existing applications, such as material requirement planning, inventory management.etc.

What tables involved


2. Requisition Reschedule

What you can do:

This is required when you are having Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP or a non-Oracle MRP system integrated with your oracle Purchasing, you may find that you need to reschedule requisitions as your
Planning requirements change. This API’S lets you reschedule requisition lines according to changes in your planned orders.

What tables involved


3. Purchasing Documents Open Interface

What you can do:

You can Automatically import and update standard purchase orders, price/sales catalog information, and responses to request for Quotations(RFQ’s) from suppliers through this interface. This interface uses the API’s to process document data in the oracle applications interface table to ensure that it is valid before importing it into oracle purchasing. After the data is validated, the program converts the information in the interface table into the appropriate document in purchasing.

What tables involved


4. Receiving Open Interface

What you can do:

You can Automatically import receipt information from other oracle applications or other system using the receiving open interface. This interface lets you integrate your oracle purchasing applications with new or existing applications. E.g. you can load bar-coded and other receiving information from scanners.
More over the good things is that you can also bring Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) sent from suppliers by this interface.

What tables involved


What you can’t done by this API’s

  • Serial numbering
  • Separate receive and deliver
  • Corrections
  • Returns
  • Movement statistics
  • Dynamic locators
  • Receiving against Internal Orders
  • Receiving against Inter-Organization transfers
  • Receiving against Drop Ship Orders
  • Receiving against RMAs

For more information for these three interface, you can refer these documenst.

  • Part No. A95953-02
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15 Responses
  1. gopi Says:


    I want to import releases against a blanket purchase order which created in oracle purchasing. how this can be done? is there any API?

  2. Arun Says:

    Hi Gopi….

    Have u got a solution for Release against BPA through API?

    If u have any solution let me know pls.


  3. Hirendra Says:

    Hi Sanjit,

    Really very good information. It help us to have overall view of purchasing. Really very good doc. Keep it up.

    One thing i would like to know.
    can you please explain basic P-2-P Cycle with it a/cing entries at various level. Also if possible give a list of reports which need to be taken from purchasing.Inventory & payable to recocile with GL at period end.

    I would like to know entire cycle in toto from a/cing point of view with reconcilation of all required a/cs.

    Thanks in Advance …waiting for your response..


  4. Sanjit Anand Says:

    thanks for nice word..will try to cover some information for accounting , keep watching this space.

  5. Prashant Says:

    Hi Sanjit,

    I want to interface a non-Oracle purchasing system with Oracle Purchasing. My question is, apart from the standard Purchasing interfaces, is there any XML interface that can be used to interface Requisitions/Purchase Orders into Oracle Purchasing.

    I checked on the Integration Repository Site, however, I found that there are XML maps for only outbound Purchase orders.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  6. Sandhya Says:

    I am new to Oracle Apps.
    I am trying to import standard purchase orders into Oracle Purchasing. I am unable to find the parameter details or their dependencies in Oracle Purchasing User guide.
    Can somebody help me know the mandatory parameters (their datatypes) and how exactly I can import the POs into PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE and PO_LINES_INTERFACE tables from a flat file. Also, if you can provide me a sample data file, it will be great.

  7. shravan kumar Says:

    Can any one tell me which API is used for updating the Blanket Purchase Agreement price.

  8. Sandeep Says:

    Hi Sandhya,

    Have u got the solution for your query/Problem “To import POs into PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE and PO_LINES_INTERFACE”.

  9. Sanjit Anand Says:


    what is problem with loading PO through interface.

    Try to develop Control file if using sqlooader or use external table and then write a prevalidation script of loading the PO into interface table and run the seeded program. Your Prevalidation should have all validation in place, so that no error should be expected.

  10. Vijay Says:

    Hey ,,, can any one tell me if there is an API for creating receipts…i need to create receipts for internal sales orders..plz help..

    Thnks in Advance,

  11. Amita Says:

    I want to import releases against a blanket purchase order. Is there any API for that?

  12. Imran Says:

    can any one tell me how to updat purchase order ship to organization throug api

  13. Sujit Says:

    I want to update ‘EXPECTED_RECEIPT_DATE’ of Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) in purchasing. What is the API name for updating it.

  14. Anil Chougule Says:

    We are going for new configurator solution so the star item number will get changed once we implement new solution. So we would like to change the existing item number from the Open PO with the newly created star item number. So I would like to know is there any API to do these changes without chnaging the PO revesion.

  15. Z Says:

    I am trying to match an AP invoice to a receipt against a PO which has been interfaced to Oracle from a non-Oracle purchasing system. However when I try to match the Invoice I get the following error message: ‘APP-SQLAP-10655: You cannot match to this document. You can match only to the document specified in the Invoice Match option on the Purchase order shipment. Either match to the specified document or update the invoice match option for the shipment and then complete this match’. I have also tried to match an invoice to the receipt of an order raised directly in Oracle for the same supplier and this was sucessfull.

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