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Punchout is a feature from iProcurement and Oracle Exchange which allows to access the external catalog and bring the items to iProcurement in order to create requisitions. The external catalog can be hosted by Oracle Exchange, a third party organization or by the supplier.


Transparent Punchout is used when users do not see the supplier site.

The system will search the supplier sites and bring the item in iProcurement search results page along with local items.

It is for iProcurement only.

The Transparent Punchout Models available are:


As part of Model 1, the requester has access to Oracle Exchange when creating a requisition. When in Oracle Exchange, the user may have the ability to drill out to a supplier punchout site. This is called a double punchout.


Re-punchout allows to view later the item on the supplier site from the created requisition line.

To use this feature, supplier provides the Supplier Config ID in the xml message which becomes a hidden number in the requisition and purchase order. The Supplier Config ID cannot be edited in Oracle iProcurement and Oracle Purchasing. Also, the applications do not check whether the Supplier Config ID is still valid during purchase order creation, but assume that it is. Only standard purchase orders support the Supplier Config ID field.

In re-punchout, the supplier part auxiliary id is not stored in the requisition lines table. Only the supplier part id is in the requisition line table.

The configuration number for re-punchout is supported by the following models only: