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GIS based Enterprise Asset Management

Organizations that own operate and/or manage geographically dispersed assets can accrue significant business benefits by leveraging the tremendous value of the GIS related investment with GIS based Enterprise Asset Management. This enables asset and service management users for



Approaches/Options to GIS/EAM Integration

Whenever it comes to Integration these three options are good to consider:

  1. Un-integrated System -In this approach Asset Information is Entered in EAM and Features are Digitized in GIS. There are few disadvantage of this approach as Work get Duplicated because of inaccurate Data which sometime face Data synchronization
  2. GIS Drives EAM -Asset Information gets created in EAM and same time Features gets updated in GIS
    • Advantages
      • One time entry in GIS based Application
      • Asset Information is propagated to EAM
      • Least amount of duplicate work
      • Achieves goals of most GIS/EAM implementations
    • Disadvantage
      • Complex, costly & risky to implement in first phase of GIS implementation
  3. EAM Drives GIS : In this scenarios, asset Information gets created in EAM and features gets updated in GIS.
    • Advantage
      • This Can be implemented without changing EAM
      • this can be implemented with little impact on Engineering and operations department
      • This keeps GIS & EAM synchronized in real time
    • Disadvantage
      • There may be duplicate Efforts in all systems