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eAM : Type of Maintenance

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EAM Business Flow

Lets simulate the real time business scenario and align with eAM Business flow.

Within Company work is generally reported by non-maintenance personnel, usually called or referred to as a Work Request. The Work Request is then routed for approval and a Maintenance Planner is alerted to the need of repair or services.

The planner will then conduct a “walk through” to estimate the materials and trades people that are needed to conduct the repair job. Some repairs may require that an asset be shutdown or brought into the shop. The planner will then meet with operations to plan out the time best determined to access the asset with minimal impact on operations/production.

A typical business flow for Maintenance can be best understood as figure below:

Once the planner has identified the resources, materials, equipment and time needed to perform maintenance, the work order is scheduled to a crew (responsible department who then executes the work). Crew Supervisors pull the schedules defined by planners and assign the qualified trades person to the individual work order operations.

Materials are issued, requisitions are generated and time is entered against the work order operation as tasks are progressing. Upon completion of a task the trades person may enter additional information about the work as well as meter and inspection reading conducted through the course of work. The work order is then closed.