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Oracle Management Cloud : The Next Generation Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics IT Tool

Posted on January 2nd, 2016 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) is a suite of next-generation integrated monitoring, management, and analytics cloud services built on a scalable big data platform that provides real-time analysis and deep technical and business insights.

With OMC you can eliminate disparate silos across end-user and infrastructure data, troubleshoot problems quickly,and run IT like a business

OCM meets three main service demands as :

  1. Actively diagnose end user problems using correlated client, application, and log data from a single interface.
  2. Find and resolve issues before customers are impacted.
  3. Provide a single source of truth to DevOps for better application delivery.

Oracle Management Cloud combines rich cloud services with a unified, scalable, big data platform for monitoring and analyzing complex environments. It can analyze data
from throughout the enterprise, from sprawling data centers and on-premises information systems to public cloud, private cloud, and mobile application environments.

OMC mainly consist of three services thats include Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service, Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service, and Oracle IT Analytics Cloud Service.


  • Oracle Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Cloud Service provides development and operations teams (aka single source of truth” for application owners and DevOps personnel )with the information that they need to find and fix issues with today’s mobile and web applications rapidly, via deep visibility into your application performance from the end user experience, through application server requests, and down to application logs.

If your end users have high expectations for the apps they depend on. They demand superior performance, availability, and service. In order to keep your users happy, you can opt Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service, which helps you to monitor :

  • Browser performance, including end-user experience,Ajax performance, and server-side requests.
  • Application performance down to the operation and method level.
  • Related application server, database, and external application server logs in the context of actual workload.


  • Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service monitors, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes all log data from your on-premises and cloud applications and infrastructure enabling users to search, explore, and correlate this data to troubleshoot problems faster, derive operational insight and make better decisions.

With Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service, you can:

    • Explore logs that are specific to the application experiencing the problem.
    • Analyze and explore log data efficiently by using machine learning.
    • Gain business and IT insight from log data.
    • Rapidly derive value from logs.
  • Oracle IT Analytics Cloud Service – this provides 360-degree insight into the performance, availability, and capacity of applications and IT investments, enabling executives, analysts, and administrators to make critical decisions about their IT operations based on comprehensive system and data analysis.

With Oracle IT Analytics Cloud Service, you can:

  • Optimize database and middleware resources.
  • Plan for future growth by forecasting intelligently.
  • Maximize database and middleware performance.
  • Acquire insight from multidimensional analysis of IT data.
  • Easily search application and system components.
  • Quickly build custom dashboards to publish the results of your analyses.

Oracle Management Cloud uses a powerful security model that ensures the security and integrity of your IT operational data in transit and once uploaded to Oracle Management Cloud. As part of the Oracle Cloud, Oracle Management Cloud is deployed on enterprise-grade infrastructure, fully managed by Oracle.

Oracle Management Cloud runs on tablet and desktop, with a blazing fast analytics engine to get you results when you need them.

You can find more details at OMC page.

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