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XML based statement for Cash Management

Posted on May 21st, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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One of reader from Mid-east region asked one question “does Oracle support XML based Bank statement?”

It was/is really a new area , just brought attention this afternoon and I did manage to run through Oracle user guide as well as some of the release note of 11i Financial Family pack D(ce minipack H).

What I understood from Oracle Documentation is ..If your bank delivers previous day account statements in the IFX XML format, you can manage the XML bank statement by setting up Oracle XML Gateway to receive and process these bank statements using a secure internet connection.

Oracle XML Gateway is seeded product that comes in bundle and used to validates the XML messages if they follow IFX Release 1.2 specifications . Oracle CM does have predefined mapping rules that take care of loading apart from BAI or MT940 format.Once record is successful validated, Oracle XML Gateway push the data into bank statement open interface tables and kick the bank statement import program to transfer the bank statement information to Oracle Cash Management.This is integrated by workflow.

If you have plan to use XML statement feature of bank interface then you must requires Oracle XML gateway, Oracle advance queuing (AQ) product and Oracle Transport agent. The user guide have step by step procedure of enabling this out of box functionality.


  • Note:216560.1:About Oracle Cash Management in Financials Family Pack D

dgreybarrow-2Going Forward

XML Bank statement is relatively a new area as far as advance countries like US,Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong where presence of most of the global bank still prefer to provide in BAI or SWIFT format. If anyone get a chance to implement XML , its is good to share your thoughts …:)

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3 Responses
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  2. Renjith Says:

    This is great news indeed!!I had a chance to see the Oracle Cash Management growing from a mere reconcilaition tool in 11i to more robust feature rich product in R12.This new event ,I hope,will again make the Cash Management the best of breed solution.

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