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Managing Cash , EBS and SWIFT

In last couple of years, IT and Internet open the new door not only to IT Finance Managers but also Corporate Treasurers .The role of treasurers is more demanded and expectation with their banking partner have been greatly increased Changing Banking Relationships, Single Bank Model ,globalization , SWIFT corporate access and XML and end to end Integration with In house accounting system are some of the key points that enforce treasury department to look options with usage of Technology by either in building custom online applications or integrated and modified products From commercial vendors of ERP.

Lets start the topic of Treasurer Dilemma for exploring Integration of Oracle ERP with SWIFT Network.Here is one of case where treasurers seeking information with Oracle.


- Currently using Oracle E-Business Suite and planning to generate e-files from AP and Treasury modules and transfer it to SWIFT.
- Came to know that many messages stating that Oracle is developing some applications that would help integrate the e-business suite with SWIFT.
- As Oracle Treasury has the ability to generate MT 100. ( Assume AP has this functionality).


Information needed

The outcome Answer

Currently in 11i release of Oracle Applications , Treasury or Cash Management modules are not able to generate SWIFT format messages.
The only thing related to SWIFT940 or MT940 format is that Cash Management can load bank statements provided from your bank in this standard format , that s the only thing manages in Oracle Application for this format .

I think there are certainly some 3rd Part Software which can help you to reach what you want , but Oracle Standard Support does not know these softwares . Buy some other middleware that would create SWIFT messages from data provided by Oracle ERP system.

Integration aspect with Treasurer/Cash Management Area

Treasury lies at the financial heart of the organization due to the strategic decision-making these specialized financial professionals take part in. As the role of treasury departments continues to change, some of the traditional challenges have become less critical, while new challenges have emerged.On the top of that, there are mainly four area where any ERP consultant should know the integration aspect based out of box functionality.

Moving forward

I am going to bring few post about the integration aspect with Banking Patner with focus on EBS out of box fubctionality and SwiftNet .Hopefully these post might be very helpful line managers , EBS implementation consultant who are exploring the bank Integration.

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