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The Beginner’s Guide to OGA (Oracle Grants Accounting)

OGA (Oracle Grants Accounting) provides your organization with the ability to completely track grants and funded projects from inception to final reporting.

Oracle Grants Accounting provides a fully integrated system that supports multi-funded projects and the required compliance terms and conditions by award. Oracle Grants Accounting supports validation of allowable costs as well as flexible budgetary controls to ensure fiscal responsibility. Reporting is comprehensive, supporting internal and external reports and queries needed to effectively manage funded projects.

Take a note, Oracle Grants Accounting is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together, see the section for dependency.

To effectively manage funded projects, Oracle Grants Accounting includes award templates that provide an easy method of recording the appropriate level of data and assists in maintaining consistency and standardization of award details.

Detailed award information includes award attributes like the award number, award name, funding source, installment funding, multiple references, budgetary controls, terms and conditions, and key personnel. Oracle Grants Accounting also stores information such as the sponsor contacts, reporting requirements, and compliance parameters.

Oracle Grants Accounting – General Structure

OGA operates based on a structure consisting of Awards, Projects and Tasks. Depending on the type of sponsored project, the OGA award will be set up with a particular Award, Project and Task structure.

Oracle Grants Accounting – Functionality

OGA was developed for the needs of grant accounting and specifically to assist in maintaining compliance with sponsor regulations – especially federal grant regulations. To that end, OGA has the following functionality:

Where this application needed

Project-centric organization, Eductional Institute, Reasech Orginastion , State and Local Governments

A note to implementer

Implementer might be finding two similar application in EBS.Oracle Projects and grant accounting , in other word they can understand the Grants Accounting module is a “wrapper” around Oracle Projects Costing and Billing modules, and can co-exist within the application suite. One can have Oracle Projects and Grants Accounting operating in the same environment with many of the same users. These are the some of the fundamental difference between two application.


Integration with Other Application

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