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Highlights:Release 12 Oracle EBS Financials

R12, Financial track is one of BEST release Ever. We have already seen some great functionality like:

  • A single responsibility to access and transact on multiple organizations
  • A single ledger to manage multiple currencies
  • Ledger sets to manage accounting processes across ledgers
  • Centralized rules engines for tax, accounting and inter company
  • A separate and simple payment creation and delivery solution
  • Centralized trading partners (suppliers, banks, first party legal entities)
  • Simplified reporting via XML Publisher and DBI
  • Netting across trading partners

Here are some of features old post :

Oracle Payable

Few Features like invoice Lines,Line level approvals,Matching to a PO shipment or receipt,Suppliers in TCA makes a complete new look. Read in details:

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Legal Entity & Legal Entity Architecture

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Multi-Org Access Controls

Multi-Org Access Control feature allows you to enter, process data and generate reports from a single responsibility.

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AP-AR netting

This is used to offset Payable & Receivables and other functionlity like trading Partner Approval.

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General Ledger

New Features like :

Eliminate Accounting Errors by providing Alternate Accounts Replace Disabled Accounts,Introduction for Definition Access Sets,Introducing Ledger Sets in place of SOB

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R12 Ledger

Read as partly covered

Subledger Accounting

Rule based accounting engine, toolset & repository supporting ALL Oracle E-Business Suite modules.

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New featues centralized processing, a tight integration with Receivables & Payables along with nicly coupled with flexible approval rules makes a brand new A(advanced)GIS .New Reconciliation Tools is yet another that makes settlement progress easy.

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Cash Managment
As bank Data Model has been changed and moved at a centralized place which get associated with legal entity association. Bank statement reconciliation become easier by more user friendly parameter.Other Features like centralized Balances & Interest,Interest Calculator,Bank Account Transfers makes a complete different look.

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Central Engine for Payment Disbursement and Funds Capture,Secure Repository for Credit Cards and Customer/Supplier Bank Accounts

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To Support Intercompany & Intracompany Transaction, the difference can be best understood as:


In R12, the Balancing Routine:

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Oracle Receivables

Fixed Assets