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News: Oracle to acquire Moniforce

This time Oracle acquired Moniforce, a Netherlands-based software company whose products monitor the availability and performance of any Web application which likely to strengthen there Enterprise Manager Application [1] Performance management capabilities. Moniforce's existing two product WebStress and WebProbe monitors network traffic to measure the performance and availability of Web applications from the perspective of the end user.

Seems Oracle's interest is Moniforce's UXinsight module. Built on network protocol analysis technology, the software can measure performance without slowing down the monitored application or the network, according to Oracle. UXinsight can also uncover errors in logic in custom and packaged applications on non-Oracle and Oracle infrastructures. see the FAQ [2]

For Oracle customer, what are the benefits from Moniforce’s products and services capabilities?

In a posting of frequently asked questions about the acquisition, the the key benefits highlighted:

Other similar products like Corvil, Quest Software, OpNet and Hewlett-Packard, which acquired some application performance management products when it bought Mercury Interactive last year.

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