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A Note on Oracle Application Journey

Posted on January 31st, 2007 by anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Today is 31st Jan, 2006, the day when oracle had schedule to release 5 different products across 6 continent, out of which one is Oracle application i.e. R12.Thus,I thought to bring this topic here, to let everyone know how oracle helps in understanding the evolution of ERP Suite in last 20 years. 14000 installations worldwide is a wildcard entry while considering for product evaluation by companies who are looking for some ERP product. I hope everyone is bit excited to know.

Journey from 1978 till 1987

These 9 years oracle has seen lot many achievement like becoming first DBMS based Database Company. They have released 7 different database versions with technology enhancement, and they become Public company as sometime 1986 had IPO in market. The start up has turned in recognized DBMS company, thus it was perfect time for them as well as Industry expert are looking Integration with in area like Finance , Manufacturing etc..Thus ERP evolution takes place.

The application group Formed

Some times in August 1987 Oracle started there Oracle Applications division, a group focusing and building business management software closely integrated with there own database software.

The First “Oracle Application ”Product Launched

Sometime in August 1988 they released there first ERP application called accounting system that has only general Ledger functionality enabled. This is one of the reason of having General ledger application_id is 101.Intresting..

i-era/Dot com Time

The year 1997-98, the attention was primininlly focused on Internet, which already takes off in Information Technology sometime back. The concept of thin client was a baby at that time. This year oracle strategy shifts toward the internet and browser based development. The middle of year oracle launched and shipped there 11i product which was armed with 8i database, with lot many new features.


In 2000, Oracle9i Application Server released at Oracle becomes the first database with middle-tier cache. This 9iAS leads to launches of E-Business Suite. The suite combined with all inbuilt products.

sanjit042003 Onward

Since 2003 onward, oracle keep there attention on oracle application product and same time they make ready with departure of old 10.7 products, by simply de-supporting.


These two year have seen acquisition and movement of oracle from DBMS to grid database, thus EBS suite does come out with MobApps, has feature of RFID and other need for manufacturing area. The year 2006 seen a release of yet another .. version.

2007 onward

Oracle is ready with there new version ready to release in market. This times a new member i.e. R12.


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Have you tried OracleappsHub in ipad/iphone/smart Phone? Don't wait. try it today
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