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Oracle E-Business Suite Sizing

Posted on April 19th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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This is bit off-line topic(DBA Track) for sizing process in new EBS installation. Line managers, infrastructure heads, IS team, DBA and Implementation Leads must have to understand some key points for sizing as:

  • Sizing is a complex, iterative process and must be treated with care during the implementation.
  • It should not get conflicted as Sizing a mere calculation rather it a process.
  • Sizing is a project in its own right (PC, network, middle-tier and database-tier). Network is often forgotten in sizing projects.
  • System sizing and architecture goes a long way in determining the TCO of the software
  • It potentially means ability to grow vertically(Module wise) and Horizontally (Data)’
  • Customer, hardware vendor and the consulting patner should work together to find the best sizing strategy.
  • Your database Size should be based on benchmarks and collective experience of Oracle, H/W vendor and knowledge gained from existing customers.
  • Sizing process should not be confused with capacity planning, as both are different parameters.
  • Scaling & load balancing requirements can influence the architecture landscape
  • Validation of assumptions is key.
  • Predicting the batch processing load should not be ignored during an ERP sizing study. Batch loads may be a more important a factor than online requirements.

handFactors which decide some key drivers for sizing are:

  • Number of named users
  • Number of concurrent Users
  • Number of Concurrent Manager (CM) Process
  • Business Event
  • Business Intelligence (BIS)
  • Reporting
  • Number of years online data retention
  • Business volumes
  • Platform & H/W preference

Those who are looking some more granular details for sizing, there is one nice document from Oracle.

handMetalink Note

  • Note 399362.1 :Oracle Applications Release 12 Upgrade Sizing and Best Practices
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10 Responses
  1. shereef Says:

    whats a nice doc. thnx

  2. Mohamed Youssef Says:

    thanks Ananda,
    this is a very critical task to size hardware requirement for some product and needs huge experience I am now facing task for sizing hardware for there of oracle products :
    1. Oracle E-Business Suite R12
    2. Oracle BIEE
    3. Oracle ECM

    so if any back experience any any of these products it will be appreciated to share also any reference to a questionnaire for specific product also will help

    thanks in advance,

  3. Nael Mansi Says:

    the link to Sizing_EBS_LongVersion.ppt is no longer available, can someone who have it send it or put it in some place, Thanks in advance.

  4. Kalyan Varanasi Says:

    Hi Sanjit,
    Do you still have the document on EBS R12 hardware sizing?
    Can you please pass it on.
    Thanks ahead!


  5. Hussain Says:

    Can someone send this doc to me ?

    Thanks in advance

  6. raags Says:

    hey DBAs

    Oracle EBS Sizing Questionnaire for recomendation of hardware to Client docs.

    Please can any share the doc and website.

    Oracle Application DBA

  7. Ameena Says:

    I am looking for H/W doc for R12.1.1.
    Help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  8. Caroline Bamiduro Says:

    Please can someone email me the sizing document.



  9. Sree Says:


    Can you pls send me the document to


  10. Amitkumar Vyas Says:

    Hi Hussain,
    Please refer

    Amitkumar vyas

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