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Minor relaunch for OracleAppsHub.com

I am bit busy in my project work since last 2 month and will be there till Oct first week, in fact I’ve been quietly studying this blog’s performance, vision and roadmap. Last few months I am getting lot of spam mails that really a pain to sort out.There are many things that need fixing (both technical and otherwise), that have piled over the last few months. For example:

  1. Optimize load time - Last time I checked, this blog’s load time stands at a whopping 35 seconds!
  2. Easier navigation - While current one isn't all bad, but i have ideas for improving navigation.
  3. Browser compatibility - Many readers reported they are facing some problem in IE7 and Safari.
  4. Clear purpose - I want to further focus this blog and I want new readers to get at a glance what this blog’s about and where to find valuable content.
  5. Readers easiness
  6. Control spam : This is major one , in my action list.I am really fed up with all junk mails that I am getting.

....Points which I am going to cover to make ;

  • Something new
  • Something better
  • Improvement on an existing one

On top , I will follow KISS ......"Keep It Straight and Simple" as it is now..

...and Finally , thanks to all my reader.

First of all, a big thanks to all my lovely readers/visitor of this little blog, who keeps me motivated to share some information.and Yes,without them, I wouldn’t have the motivation to plan and do all of this.

Sharing through this blog for apps community,I’m really proud of: I’ve reached out to a fresh new reader of this blog and thanked him for having the interest to follow my blog. Then May I request what you thought about this blog, what you liked best and least. I was really amazed that he took the time and effort to reply, thoroughly describing his experience with the blog so far.

So now I want to generalize this concept:

In the comments, write at least one thing you like about this blog and , one thing you’d like to see changed. Your comments and suggestions will really helps me in to have a another action items in fixing minor technology stuff of this blog.