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Integrate with Oracle’s iPhone App

According to a Frost & Sullivan [1] survey of C-level executives and IT managers, 70% of respondents rely heavily on mobile devices for business purposes. Therefore gaining popularity with iphone [2] and ipad , companies/IT are looking different options to extending user with usage of smart application. These mobile application that allows employees to access:

Here is a consolidated list of apps that are available till date

You must have an OBIEE setup before you can use Oracle Business Indicators. Certain features in Oracle Business Indicators can be accessed only if you have licensed the equivalent feature in OBIEE.

You can get this here [3].

This application allows managers to handle pending E Business Suite actions related to expense reports, purchase order requisitions, human resources vacancies, and HR job offers. Managers can also use this mobile app to evaluate pending EBS approvals, request more information, and approve or reject pending requests.

You can get this here [4].

You can get this here [5].

For Sales guys who looking to convert their mobile phones into a productivity tool, where they can proactively work on their sales leads, sales forecasts, and opportunities these two application are most beneficial for them.

Key features of the application are:

  • Access to Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts from CRM
  • Update Appointments, Tasks, Notes, and Message Center in CRM
  • Leverage native iPhone Services such as Contacts, Phone, Email
  • Mapping & Directions Integration
  • Contextual access to Social Networking Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Spoke

You can get this here [6].

Key features of the application are:

  • Filtered view of opportunities
  • Real time Forecast
  • Quick access to key data
  • Compare expected revenue to quota
  • Easy-to-use native widget application

You can get this here [7]

Key features of the application are:

  1. Integration with existing Oracle eAM e-Business suite application.
  2. Use GPS capability of iPhone to see current location and search assets in the Google Maps.
  3. List all assets within the search radius.
  4. View the list of released work orders for an asset and complete it remotely.
  5. View the list of work orders assigned to the user and complete it remotely.

You can get free itune here [5].

Looks at Licensing requirement for these usage with Oracle Products.

Sofware & Licensing

Majority of Oracle Iphone apps are free and available from the Apple iTunes store, Oracle Business Approvals for Managers requires licensing of a server product called Oracle Business Approvals Connector for Managers. Also there is seperate licensing of Oracle e-Business Application Suite - Enterprise Asset Management 12.1.1 (Oracle eAM) and GIS Setup for Oracle eAM.

In Order to download the software , here are the steps.

  1. Go to http://edelivery.oracle.com [8]
  2. Click Continue on the welcome screen
  3. Fill out the form and check the boxes for the export restrictions.
  4. Select Product Pack "E-Business Suite" and either platform of "Linux x86" or "Microsoft Windows (32-bit)". Click Go.
  5. Click on the link towards the bottom of the page for "Oracle Business Approvals Connector for Managers 1.0 Media Pack for Linux x86" or "Oracle Business Approvals Connector for Managers 1.0 Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)“

There will be downloads for:

6. Oracle Business Approvals Connector for Managers 1.0
7. Oracle Business Approvals Connector for Managers 1.0 : Required Oracle EBS 12.0 patch
8. Oracle SOA Suite 10g ( (32-bit) (CD)
9. Oracle Application Server 10g ( Patch set (32-bit) (CD)

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