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11i EBS and Food Industry

Could you imagine what kind of ERP system required to such kind of industry whose line of business is these products line? 

I know this is bit tricky to answer. Though I have been never exposed to Food industry yet, but as EBS consultant working for such a long time, can surly consider Oracle Apps 11i as a complete product to cater this segments. The reason for bringing this topic here just because of a simple reason as sometime back I get across one the article written by Thomas R. Cutler [1], where he put some thoughts on the Potential usage of ERP product with Floor shop automation. What we understood, food and beverage industry require an ERP system that is flexible to respond to today’s demands and tomorrow’s changes, because of there uniqueness, rapid changing nature of there market. Sudden change in strategy, manufacturing process may require special attention for shop managers for such kind of industry, therefore a complete integration with Shop floor with ERP based application is one of key area. 

In his paper he did mention some tight system automation requirement with ERP system. Though he considers Food industry has of idiosyncratic nature of food manufacturing process. Thus the shop floor and some of area involved the process can be tighten which add-on the cost of product. Here are some of the area where he considers needs a nut and bolt requirement:

Thus it is important to find balance between this industry sector nuance and a Basic ERP system . he too agreed that basic ERP functionality  are often lacking when the focus is too heavily on the bells and whistles. In his paper he strongly agree by Gill idea that he felt , “Many vertical ERP applications in the food sector lack strong financials and must integrate with bolt-on third party systems.” The ERP functionality should also include complete multi-company, multi-currency, and financial reporting capacity.

Here are some of potential area and functionality he mentions for ideal ERP system:

Apart from this there are some other areas which need a flexible move as required as some of changing business need to satisfy these requirements:

E-Business Suite for Food & Beverage

EBS suits does have a solid functionality to cater the food industry segment, Whether it is baking mix manufacturer, nut processor or other type of Food and Beverage producer, Oracle E-Business Suite provides specific food and beverage feature and functionality such as:

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2 Comments To "11i EBS and Food Industry"

#1 Comment By Praveen On April 18, 2008 @ 7:44 am

I am creating a sales order line with ATO Items, I am running the ‘Requisition Import’, there by I am able to create a requisition in PO, there by I am able to create a PO. But I want the connection b/n PO and OM (tables). FYI this is not a dropshipment Order.

#2 Comment By Sanjit Anand On April 18, 2008 @ 8:13 am

check the ER diagram in this post