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Oracle Unified Method (OUM) :Envision – Part -III

The OUM focus area provides a framework for development and maintenance of enterprise level IT strategy, architecture, and governance.

The Envision focus area consists of two phases:

During Initiate, you perform a set of foundational tasks that have a broad range of objectives and applicability. At one end, delivering a service based on the Envision Roadmap process can establish the vision for one or more projects intended to achieve a focused set of business objectives. On the other end, Initiate phase processes can be used to establish a broad set of enterprise level IT processes that are continued in the Maintain and Evolve phase.

The processes and tasks of the Maintain and Evolve phase bring the work begun during Initiate into the day to day life of the enterprise. This phase forms the foundation for governing and managing enterprise level business processes and strategies.

Envision is organized into six processes:

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