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A bit on Oracle’s business flow

Posted on November 27th, 2007 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Do you know in Oracle EBS there are more than 30+ pre-defined integrated process flows available to cater today’s competitive marketplace, where speed, value & Simplicity are important factors to drive the implementation cycle. These concepts are fully aligned with the method enhancements, in the following ways:

  • Time required to implement is reduced by using the pre-seeded assets in the delivery (Speed). This is achieved by pre-seeded, pre-tested, certified deliverables for faster implementation.
  • The focus on solving customer business processes brings value to the customer instead of talking about product features and functions (Value).
  • Key performance indicators identified with each Flow also brings value in that they provide a means to measure the leverage points of the flows (Value).
  • Starting with a pre-tested flow, and avoiding a lengthy analysis of the current environment, provides a simple way to begin any Oracle Applications implementation (Simplicity).

Some of the important business flow’s with oracle applications are:

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Have you tried OracleappsHub in ipad/iphone/smart Phone? Don't wait. try it today
2 Responses
  1. steve cox Says:

    have a look at what you can do with 3000 business flows and nearly 100 Oracle Business Accelerators on our blog and

  2. Sanjit Anand Says:

    Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 15:47:10 +0000
    From: “Steve Cox”
    Subject: Re: [OracleApps Epicenter] Please moderate: “A bit on Oracle’s business flow”


    you are welcome

    good news is you have Oracle Business Accelerators for Release 12 available in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines and they are also available to partners. Take the training here to get access to

    Sanjit Anand wrote:
    Thanks Steve,

    For giving some node for Oracle Accelerators . Though I have been purely in Oracle EBS consulting environment since more than 8 years , worked with some of big USA based Oracle Integrator, and rarely use Oracle Accelerators. As per my ken, understood some of UK and European based Oracle Consulting company did offer implementation on Oracle Accelerators, and I witness partly while working with while rolling out Oracle EBS in a UK Based Investment bank.

    Thanks once again for visiting my blog.

    Sanjit Anand

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