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Customer Hub: Its all about knowing the Customer -> Siebel UCM

UCM : What is it?

A Siebel application which is the central master database/application for storing any and all unified profile for enterprise customers, partners, and prospects information.

In a large company, you have hundreds of various proprietary and legacy applications which deal with different parts of the customer information , some deal with service data, some with sales data, some others purely with demographics and contact data. UCM has the capability to synchronize and bring together all this data to give a single unified view of the customer as a whole.

From a Siebel application point of view, it’s just another application like Siebel Sales or Siebel Call Center application, built up on the same Data, Business and UI model

UCM : Functionality

Deployment Model

There are two deployment models for Siebel Master Data Applications:

This deployment is used mainly for smaller company .

This is the preferred approach in big companies where the volume of transactions is large as well as the integrating systems are many.