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Customer Hub: Its all about knowing the Customer -> Siebel UCM

Posted on March 28th, 2009 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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dgreybarrow UCM : What is it?

A Siebel application which is the central master database/application for storing any and all unified profile for enterprise customers, partners, and prospects information.

In a large company, you have hundreds of various proprietary and legacy applications which deal with different parts of the customer information , some deal with service data, some with sales data, some others purely with demographics and contact data. UCM has the capability to synchronize and bring together all this data to give a single unified view of the customer as a whole.

From a Siebel application point of view, it’s just another application like Siebel Sales or Siebel Call Center application, built up on the same Data, Business and UI model

  • Enables a single view of the customer
  • Creates and maintains unique, complete and accurate customer information across the enterprise
  • Distributes customer information to all operational applications just in time
  • Enables organisations to:
  • Know your customers
    • Improve data quality
    • Utilize customer insight during all customer interactions
    • Comply with privacy and regulatory requirements
    • Define events and policies
    • Reduce data management costs
    • Provides Telco-specific data attributes

dgreybarrow UCM : Functionality

  • Receives the transactions from external systems and applies them to it’s base tables and publishes the updates back to all the systems.
  • Publish frequency – real-time, batch or event-based (e.g.:on-update of Contact )
  • Siebel UCM Data Quality – in built component for data de-duplication
  • Survivorship Rules – based on the defined confidence level for each system
  • Easy setup for Auto/Manual merge
  • Features to Un-Merge already merged records later on if desired.

dgreybarrow Deployment Model

There are two deployment models for Siebel Master Data Applications:

  • Combined : In this type of a deployment, Siebel MDM application shares the same database and Enterprise Server as any other Siebel eBusiness Application.

This deployment is used mainly for smaller company .

  • Stand Alone : This is the recommended, and mostly used deployment model in which the Siebel Master is deployed on a separate box having it’s own database, separated from other Siebel eBusiness Application.

This is the preferred approach in big companies where the volume of transactions is large as well as the integrating systems are many.

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Have you tried OracleappsHub in ipad/iphone/smart Phone? Don't wait. try it today
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