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Oracle PIM Integration Capabilities : APIs/Web Services Availability by Oracle Product Hub

As we aware, Oracle Product Information Management Data Hub is an enterprise data management solution that enables customers to centralize and master all product information from heterogeneous systems, creating a single view of product information that can be leveraged across all functional departments.

Oracle Product Hub provides a full set of business services and data services, both at granular level and at business object level. These include Items creation/update, item change management process support, Items data gathering and data federation.Following is a list of APIs/Web Services provided by Oracle Product Hub , feel free to add in case if anything missed out.

Oracle API/Web servics Description
EGO_USER_ATTRS_DATA_PUB.Get_User_Attrs_Data This API is used to access user-defined attribute data for a particular item

This API is used to copy all User-Defined Attribute data from one object instance to another object instance of the same type (e.g., from one EGO_ITEM to another or one PA_PROJECTS to another).

EGO_USER_ATTRS_DATA_PUB.Process_User_Attrs_Data This API processes User-Defined Attribute data for one object instance.
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Create_Valid_Category This API is used to for assigning a category to a category set
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Create_Category This API is used to create a category.
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Create_Category_Assignment This API is used to create an item category assignment
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Delete_Category This API is used to delete a category
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Delete_Valid_Category This API is used to delete category assignment to its category set
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Delete_Category_Assignment This API is used to delete an item category assignment
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Update_Category This API is used to update a category.
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Update_Category_Description This API is used to update a category description
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Update_Valid_Category This API is used to for reassigning the parent category of a category in a given category set
INV_ITEM_CATEGORY_PUB.Update_Category_Assignment This API is used to for re-assigning an item to a new category in the given category set.
EGO_ITEM_PUB.Assign_Item_To_Org This API is used to assign one item to an organization
EGO_ITEM_PUB.Implement_Item_Pending_Changes This API is used to implement pending changes (phase and/or status) for an item/item revision.

The full parameter-list version of Process_Item

This API is used to create or update one item if you want to specify item attribute values that aren't exposed in the wrapper version of Process_Item, or to create or update an item revision.

EGO_ITEM_PUB.Process_Item (Convenience wrapper)

A convenience wrapper to Process_Item

This API is used to create or update one item by passing only the most important and/or commonly-used item attributes.

EGO_ITEM_PUB.Process_Item_Cat_Assignment This API allows user to assign/remove a catalog/category to/from an item.
EGO_ITEM_PUB.Process_Item_Descr_Elements This API allows user to give the values of item catalog category descriptive elements.
EGO_ITEM_PUB.Process_Item_Org_Assignments Use this API to assign multiple items to organizations.
EGO_ITEM_PUB.Process_Item_Phase_And_Status Use this API to either change the status of an item or promote/demote the lifecycle of an item/item revision.
EGO_ITEM_PUB.Process_Item_Role Use this API to create, update, or delete one role grant on one item, or on one existing instance set.
EGO_ITEM_PUB.Process_Items Use this API to create or update multiple items at once.
EGO_ITEM_PUB.Process_User_Attrs_For_Item Use this API to perform DML operations (insert, update, or delete) on one or more rows of user-defined attributes data for one item.
ENG_ECO_PUB.Process_Eco This procedure allows user to create, update Issues, Change Requests (CRs), and Change Orders (COs) in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Product

[This blog post is contributed by Hub regular Visitor who worked almost 8 years in MDM and PDM area. You can reach them to author via email]