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Customer Hub: Its all about knowing the Customer !

Customer Hub: Its all about knowing the Customer ! Agree or disagree ?

Did you encounter situation where you have to answer these question on company's customers and prospects ..

In order to answer, you need Need a 360 degree view of the customer

Oracle CDH vs. Oracle-Siebel UCM

Oracle actually sells two products on customer Data hubs -Oracle CDH [1] and Siebel UCM [2] (Which is now Oracle UCM). But these products are positioned differently in the markets .

Both these products revolve around mastering of the “Customer” entity.

Oracle CDH or “Customer Data Hub” is a member of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products and has built-in integration capabilities with other Oracle E-Biz suite modules.

Siebel UCM, is the Siebel Customer mastering solution.

Oracle CDH is mainly focused on manufacturing, hi-tech, Retail and Distribution industries whereas Siebel UCM is targeted for telecommunications, media, financial services and government.

Enterprises implementing customer Data Hubs should evaluate these two products and choose from these based on their requirement.

UCM (Universal Customer Master) release 8.0 has more capabilities than CDH in terms of Data extensibility model, Data quality features and its strong interfaces to various third party tools like Trillium etc [Reference www].

On the weaker side, Oracle CDH and UCM are lacking in terms of dash boarding, reporting facilities, data steward facilities through web, registry-style implementations.

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