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ERP Options for “Process Related Industries” -Aberdeen Report

Posted on February 13th, 2008 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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Aberdeen Group, has recently published one report for “ERP Options for Process Related Industries “, Here is the link for free report.

double-arrow What you should know about Oracle OPM products

Oracle OPM designed exclusively for catering the business need for process manufacturers industry like:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Food, Beverage, Health and Beauty, Household Products
  • Industrial Products
    • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Metals, Mining, Paper and Glass

The difference between Discrete and Process manufacturing can be best understood in my previous post.

double-arrowOracle OPM product Strengths

For those who are very new or not aware to Oracle OPM product, here are some of high points of Operational Functionality that product offered.Moreover there is significant changes has been seen in age of internet that has re-defined the operation of the supply chain(SCM) thus Oracle OPM Products too.

Please Check with Oracle OPM Page, to see what are the recent changes has been incorporated. based out of my exposure very long time back, these are the functionlity that product had.

  • Lot Traceability :In this some features like Lot/Sub lot,Forward/Backward Genealogy,Status Control
    ,Grade Control,Lot Expiration,Allocation for Shelf Days
  • Multiple Formulas (Bills) :These are typically used for formulas for production, costing planning, MSDS,Effectivities By Date for Seasonality,Effectivities by Quantity,Scaling,Alternate Routings,
    Scrap factors and theoretical yield
  • Support for A and V type Formulas : All three kind of formula like well suited here:
    • V Bills are constructive- Multiple ingredients one product
    • A Bills are destructive- One ingredient, multiple products
    • A Bills support co-products and- by-products
  • Ingredient Substitutions
    • The features like mass ingredient substitutions for formulas
    • Designed for ingredient substitutions in manufacturing orders (batches)
    • Manufacturing variances for substitutions tracked and reported.
  • Dual UOMs functionlity
    • Item specific UOMs
      • Count to Mass
      • Count to Volume
      • Mass to Volume
      • User defined UOM types
    • Lot specific UOMs
    • Dual UOM Types
      • Fixed
      • Defaulted with tolerance
      • No relation
    • Uses
      • Sell by count, invoice by weight
      • Dry pounds, wet pounds
      • % solids, % moisture
  • Specification Matching Functionlity
  • Some of the great features like
    • QC Specs and Results : This may be based out of vendor,customer,plant or by lot
    • There was yet another feature for customer spec matching.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are configurable, also formulas for MSDS
  • Other features are flexible Costing, which can be either processIf Costing (Standard,Actual) or Organization Level basis (Warehouse,Item)

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2 Responses
  1. What are OPM Products .. Says:

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  2. Gopikrishna Says:

    Good detailing of OPM.
    Can you give more insights to Dual UOM Types – No relation . I did not find this in the Oracle apps.

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