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What is Oracle Hyperion’s Data Relationship Management (DRM) Tool?

Posted on February 14th, 2012 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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What you expect from a Financial / Analytical MDM Products.

In simple way, it should Provides:

  • Consistency of measures across all systems and all business units
  • Streamlined consolidation and quick financial close
  • Support for operational flexibility
  • Rapid financial rationalization
  • Ability to view structure changes during modeling
  • Provide a historical perspective

Oracle Hyperion DRM

Oracle’s Hyperion Data Relationship Management (previously known as Hyperion Master Data Management) provides enterprises a solution to build consistency within master data assets despite endless changes within the underlying transactional and analytical systems.

Specifically, Hyperion DRM provides the industry’s first data model-agnostic master data management solution built to enable financial and analytical master data management in dynamic, fast-changing business environments

  • Financial MDM
    Create an enterprise view of financial chart of accounts, cost centers and legal entities with a view to govern on-going financial management and consolidation based on consistent definitions of financial and reporting structures across general ledger systems, financial consolidation, planning and budgeting systems.
  • Analytical MDM
    Create an enterprise view of analytical dimensions, reporting structures, performance measures and their related attributes and hierarchies using Hyperion DRM’s data model-agnostic foundation. Construct departmental perspectives that bear referential integrity and consistency with master data constructs based on validations and business rules that enforce enterprise governance policies. Synchronize master data with downstream systems including BI/EPM systems, data warehouses and data marts to gain trustworthy insight.

Key Features

  • Enterprise master data lifecycle & change management
  • Cross-functional views reconciled to master record
  • Automatic attribute management with business rules
  • Drag-and-drop hierarchy management
  • Referential integrity with synchronized records
  • API for integrating changes with operational systems
  • Comprehensive import, blend, and export functions
  • Flexible versioning and modeling capabilities

Key benefits

  • Save time and resources spent reconciling reports and measures across business units
  • Reduce or eliminate errors in data flow between operational and analytical systems
  • Maintain data integrity across divisions and systems
  • Empower users to easily make data changes
  • Minimize manual IT data maintenance tasks
  • Perform reliable what-if scenarios and impact analyses
  • Ensure consistent corporate definitions and metrics across the business
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