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Understanding “GL Program Optimizer”

Posted on February 19th, 2011 by Sanjit Anand ||Email This Post Email This Post

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It is one of the performance improvement tools(mimics a cost-based optimizer.) in Oracle EBusiness within GL product ,that is available to the GL super user responsibility. It has two major functions:

  • Collect statistics to aid in the running of FSGs and GL posting
  • Build indexes on gl_code_combinations where they do not exist.

When you run this program, it collects and stores information on the spread of balances in gl.gl_balances which is used by both the GL posting program and FSGs. Given that the number of balances in gl.gl_balances increases each month with the month end roll process, it is important for the overall performance of posting and FSGs to keep the GL program optimizer stats up to date.

dgreybarrow Running the Program
This program is run by logging onto the GL super user responsibility and then running the concurrent program – GL Program Optimizer.

When running the GL Program Optimizer there are two options:

  • Collect Statistics (Default Yes) -Set this value to Yes
  • Rebuild Indexes (Default No) – Set this value to No

The GL Optimizer, when run with Gather statistics checked, will populate the gl table GL_SEGMENT_FREQUENCIES with current data in regard to your GL_CODE_COMBINATIONS and GL_BALANCES tables. This data is used in some gl programs to maximize performance

dgreybarrow How often often GL Program Optimizer be run?

You should run the GL optimizer at least once a period or after creating a large number of segment values, defining a new chart of account.It better set this up as a scheduled job to be run once per month, a couple of days after the month end roll over.

The GL optimizer is designed primarily to make FSGs run faster. Its recommend that for validation of flexfields, you also create a non unique concatenated index on the account segment, followed by all the other defined segments in flexfield order.

Anyone have more experience with this program , share your input:)

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