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R12 : Uploading a Journal using Web ADI : Step by Step

In last two post we have seen , Web ADI is a Browser based application, which enables users to log into the Oracle database and upload ADI spreadsheets, without having the ADI application installed onto the users machine.We have already seen step by step setup in 11i [1] , now this post is extension of previous post with a case of R12.

1. Responsibility: As mention earlier WebADI User linked to the correct Set of Books for your business. In R12 , the starting point would be responsibility called Desktop Integration

2. Navigate: Create Document

This is one of submenu you have to choose , to create a document first.

3. Select the Viewer

4. Click on the Dropdown on the Viewer field.

5. Select Excel 2003. make sure Excel 2003 will be install in your desktop.

If you marked the reporting flag is ticked you will not be able to upload the Journal, Make sure that the Reporting box is Not ticked for Journal Upload.

6. Click on Next

7. The Select Integrator window opens

8. Click on the Integrator Dropdown

9. Select the General Ledger - Journals Option

10. Click Next

11. Select the layout
12. Click on the Dropdown for the Layout Field.
13. Select the Layout option.

14. Having selected the option, Click on Next

15. Select whether you want to use a 'Flat File' source spreadsheet for the Journal, if so, you can select Text File - If you choose this option, you will be offered to browse to the file to use. If you select None, then you are offered a blank Integrator Layout to fill in yourself.

16. Select None.

Here you should note, If on checking the summary of all the options you have selected, and you want to change any of the options, you can click on the Back button, and re-select the options.

17. Click on Next and at the end , you will get Extra button for Create Document, that mean your document template is already created.

Now you can see the template get created.

Now this is your document, now you can use this to upload this.Rest of the stuff will be very similar to WEDADI in R11. Please refer to earlier article.

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#2 Comment By vijay On August 4, 2009 @ 2:18 pm

Hi, We have a custom integrator based on custom view. Now we added couple of columns in the view. Now I need steps to replicate those new columns in my layout. Appreciate some help on this.