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R12 General Ledger: Alternate Account Functionality

It is a regular practice amongst users to disable code combinations where they donot require any futher activity to take place.

In 11i if there was a case where users were importing the existing data with one such code combination, the import program would error flagging invalid code combination. This would hold up the entire group of transactions from getting imported.

Release 12 provides a solution to such an issue. Oracle introduced new functionality in R12 called ‘Alternate Account’. This functionality is very useful when you have a need to disable and/or end date an account combination within your chart of accounts or you have a significant requirement to change mass chart of account values.

When an account is disabled, users can prevent transactions that include the account from erroring during journal import by defining a replacement account for the disabled account. Journal import replaces the disabled account with the replacement account and continues the import process if the replacement account is valid.

This improves processing efficiency by preventing the journal import process from erroring and enabling the successful creation of the journal when an account has been disabled.

To setup the alternative accounts, use a GL Super User responsibility:

Setup --> Accounts --> Combinations

Query the account combination, Tab over to Alternate Account and enter the account.

Note -> Balancing segment value in the alternate account must be the same as what is in the original account. Otherwise, the system will not allow it and will throw an error.
"The balancing segment value for alternate account must the same as the original account"